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Thread: IFS Magazine

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    I am not sure about the Blades on Ice errors, but the latest IFS issue was loaded with typos, errors and such. I counted 5 major ones and I just looked over it. (maybe we should start a thread to see who finds the most typos )

    I haven't seen such unprofessional edition (if that is a way to describe it) since I have been a subscriber. And yes, calling Roz a GM??? BTW, she looked hot!

    But, I was just happy to get the issue. I see that my subscription is paid for the next 2 years, I never authorized them to charge my VISA - at least they could've sent me the calendar!


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    I don't think we should be quite so hard on the IFS Magazine. It took a while for the take over and then a while longer before they could get into the offices. Then I am sure they scrambled to get this first edition to the printers. We should give them a couple of issues to get their feet wet and get a feel for what they are doing.

    All in all, I think they did a good job. At least as good as Mark Lund was doing plus they seemed to report on some skaters we rarely ever see in skating magazines.

    Isn't a few errors par for the course.


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    My favorite editing error was using the same caption for 2 different pics on page 57. One is in fact of Shizuka Arakawa, Maya Usova, and Evgeni Platov; the other is of Plushy and two middle-aged guys I can't identify. Based on this, Plushy appears to be a dead ringer for Maya Usova.....

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    Your IFS should be coming. I got my copy a few days ago.

    Maybe they send it to the oldest first. It has a lot of interesting

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    A question for the Canadian posters...... Did everyone in Canada receive the latest edition of the IFS magazine? I live on the East Coast and I still haven't received it!!

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    IFS typos

    Yeah, I got my issue a week or so ago and I saw some major errors including the error mentioned ( the same caption detailing Shizuka Arakawa and her coaches under a picture of Plushenko and some other two people I don't recognize.) BTW- Sasha's last name was misspelled ( don't blame me if you think these errors are minor- I am cursed by being a stickler for good spelling and I have an eagle eye for errors) twice
    I know I shouldn't take it out hard on IFS magazine, but's a magazine for crying out loud. I can't believe the editors didn't catch the errors before they sent it off to the printer

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    Me too, if you hadn't already guessed, figure8.
    Grgranny, DEFINITELY!

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    Does it have a new URL for it's online format?

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    Supposedly, as of August 30, it is

    But it doesn't seem to be up yet.

    All subscribers -- don't forget to send in your vote for Fumie for best costume of 2003-04! (The black pants suit.)


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