Its a new week: How's it going?

Bummery: My only ice time this week was today. We're not open Thursday AM as a good portion of our group is going to the Hershey Open and I have plans for Sunday that preclude skating---have to enjoy a LITTLE of the summer off ice, after all!

Summery: The KUFSC youth skaters swept home a bunch of medals and great performances at Skate Wilmington in No Test and Pre-Preliminary. The neat thing was that each kid seemed to really shine in at least one event. :D :D :D .

Great spin lesson today. Two foot spin is really solid and we worked on the extension out of it, leaving the spin. One foot is coming along nicely--I seem to hit it now more than lean out of it, so so far, so good. We also worked on half lutz since the Aston competition in the fall does indeed have an Adult "No Test" category permitting only half jumps, sal and toeloop. A very good morning!!! :D