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Thread: Random Confessions

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    A dog left in a hot car... people can and do break car windows if a dog has been left in a closed vehicle in 90+ degree heat.. pets and children have died from such negligence on the part of parents and dog owners.. this person left the windows tightly closed and the engine running to support the air conditioning to keep the dog cool, left water for her to drink and left the music on so passersby would not need to rescue her by breaking the windows... it was done with conviction and purpose and a bit of humor so thought I would share (though I think the dog owners were in the bar next door to the restaurant.

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    I have to admit that I am finding it hard to get my head around the idea that a thread about a top skater changing coaches that was only started 24 hours ago has already had over 10,000 more views and nearly 4 times more posts than a thread about the death of a top skater (who was only a few years older than the other skater, and was from the same city) that was started 2 weeks ago.

    I suppose it is a reflection of how much of a following Russian Ladies skating has, and how small a following Pairs skating has.

    But, seeing how active the discussion about Alyona is does make me worry about the effects that having this much attention on them has on the Russian teenagers. We have to think of the mental health of these young girls. And that is all the more pertinent given what happened with Katia.


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    Little sister: "You know who Park Sunghoon is?"

    Me: "...yes?"

    Her: "He's on the TV show I'm watching!"

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