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Thread: Best Commercials

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    I love the one where the guy's girl leaves town for a few days, and leaves behind a dress, dried with a memorable "fabric softner". The smell of the dress reminds him of her, so he dresses a cardboard cut out (I think) of a woman with the dress and dances with it. His girl comes home only to see a shadow of her guy dancing with some "other girl"'s a crack-up....42

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    Thanks for reminding me about the Alka-Seltzer - "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" commericals.

    I also always liked the "Life" cereal commercials with Mikey.

    Although my favorite Staples commercial is the one I mentioned before, I think the new one with Alice Cooper is pretty clever.

    Other ones that come to mind are the polar bear commercials from Coca-Cola. I all those grunting sounds the polar bears make.

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