The 2004 summer games seems to be shaping up to be the Drug Olympics, with each athlete striving to prove that his pharmacist is better than the other guy’s. This is especially embarrassing to the United States. During the Cold War we always took a holier-than-thou attitude toward East German lady swimmers, and the like. But now it is our team that has already been decimated, plus, many of the athletes that are slated to compete will probably end up forfeiting their medals afterward.

Hoping to be wrong, I do not see any reason why figure skating should be immune to the pressure to win at all costs. The only thing I have ever heard about skaters and drugs are Christopher Bowman’s well-documented problems, and the incident two years ago when Kyoka Ina was given a suspension for refusing a marijuana test.

Is this a problem in elite skating circles? What do you think about the future? It seems quite likely that in this day and age some clandestine laboratory could come up with the “guaranteed quintuple jump” steroid. Higher, faster, stronger.

Mathman :\