Well, I figured the gang would fare better with Lionel Richie's material. I must say, most of them did better. Still, I do not see what the fuss is about Kaleb's singing. They build his ego up incredibly. A bit over the top if you ask me. He needs some advice on attire and posture. Those faces he makes at the end are also disturbing. Elena was not quite as annoying but, will never win me over. I am not going to rush out and buy Elena CDs.

I thought Kalan did quite well at the beginning of the show. Much better than last week. It was nice to see something different. Jason, too showed a "softer" side.

Theresa was a bit weak, but managed to finish the song okay.

Jacob - well, too much. I much prefer watching Kurt skate to Brickhouse.

Shane was great.

All in all, I think Lionel Richie brought the program up a notch and gave it some class. It was getting pretty dull and needed something.

Thanks Lionel.