Hi everyone. There's this one weblog that I like to visit occasionally. It's by a very interesting single 30-something woman. Anyway, when I visited the weblog today, she had a comment on there that someone from where she wishes to be employed "hit" her weblog today and she's terrified. She doesn't think this individual knows it's her weblog as she goes by a pseudonym, but she's not quite sure. She indicated that she may shut down her site and erase all her stuff or whatever. I think she might feel uncomfortable with someone who might know her personally would know all this personal information about herself that she has written about, i.e., that she sees a therapist, is on medications for mental conditions, employers, co-workers, that sort of thing.

My question is, can a person who has a website or a weblog tell how many hits they have per day, and how can they tell who has been visiting their site? How could she tell. I visit quite a few skating websites where one website "owner" also is a skating judge. Does he know like last names of people that visit his site?

Just curious. Thanks.