Btw., I always wonder where all this "Elvis-should've-won-in-Lillehammer"-stuff comes from. This is just another legend! In fact it wasn't even close, only one judge gave a 1st place to Stojko, two went for Petrenko and six (including the CANADIAN! one!) for Urmanov.
Personally speaking, I don't think it was robbery. It was a close contest in my opinion. But, for me, I preferred Elvis in this particular case. Also, Petrenko only got one first place ordinal, Urmanov had six, Elvis one...and believe it or not, Candeloro had one from the Danish judge! Brokenankle posted a great link to an excellent site that lists the fulls results (marks, ordinals, etc.) for every Olympics (which is where I just found that!). I believe it is in the "Was it a split panel?" thread. Check it is an awesome source!