The three young Russian Ladies who swept the Jr Worlds podium in 1996?

I happened to be looking through my archives yesterday and came across the 96 Jr. Worlds results. Ladies finished as follows:

1. Elena Ivanova
2. Elena Pingacheva
3. Nadeja Kanaeva
4. Fumie Suguri
5. Tara Lipinski
6. Vanessa Gusmeroli
7. Shizuka Arakawa

This means that 3 young Russian ladies who never made an Olympic, World, or European team (and only Ivanova ever competed in a GP event) beat out 2 future World bronze medallists, a future WC/OGM, and a second future WC. What ever happened to any of these ladies? I realize that due to the unusual amount of talent among the Russian ladies in the mid-90s there wasn't a lot of room at the top, but nevertheless.... I'll bet the Russian Federation would KILL to have those 3 around now, given their current depth problem beyond Irina and Elena S. [Jury still being out on whether or not Julia S. will ever regain her 99-00 form and on whether or not Vika is going to rebound from last season]