Here's an UPDATE on how the separate HD coverage is looking on NBC.

The HD coverage on and working. Some days will be 8 hour loops and some days will be 6 hours. The coverage isn't perfect but it's pretty good. There are some commercials (the Sony one will drive you nuts) but they are much shorter and much further apart. About once an hour there is a five minute block of local commercials.

Today they showed more than 3 hours of gymnastics, more than 3 hours of swimming and an hour of diving.

Gymnastics - Mens prelims
Shannon Miller and Paul Sunderland are the commentators. Shannon is doing quite well. She talks a little too much and a little too fast but her expertise is obvious. She often tells exactly why a particular element didn't work.

I went through and counted actual performances to compare the standard broadcast with the HD broadcast. I counted 46 total performances on the standard NBC broadcast between the afternoon and evening. On HD I counted 90 performances or about twice as many. I was doing this at fast forward so I may be off a little. Boy the vault goes fast on fast forward.

I haven't watched too much yet. Dara Torres is the commentator and they seem to be doing heats, finals, and medal ceremonies. Looks good.

Don't know the commentator. He is Australian. Does a good job - on the up side. They only showed the men's synchro platform. The sound is better than the standard broadcast. You can hear the double splashes when the divers don't go in together.

I'm glad I got the HD. It's not the '92 triplecast but it's much better than 2000 coverage.