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Thread: Everything you Need to Vote

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    Everything you Need to Vote

    Everything you need to vote

    Do you think you have no time to vote?

    Did you forget or not know how to register?

    Do you need to vote absentee, but don't have the paperwork or don't know how?

    Everything you need is at the above website. Yes it is run by a Democratic group, but the resources it links you to are non partisan.

    Or are you overseas and need an overseas ballot?
    Overseas Absentee Ballot

    This is a very important election. Whatever your politics, you should vote. "Your vote is your voice" Be Heard. It's your civic duty, and these days all to many are failing at it.

    Whoever you vote for for president, do remember that they need a Senate and House that will support their policies, and vote there too.

    If voting absentee, be very careful to read the directions. Many non military absentee ballots were ruled illegal in FL in 2000 for not being dated, not being signed, and so forth. However, the voting computers have no papertrail, in many cases, and are so easy to fudge the vote on, I can do it. They showed how on Topic A with Tina and all you have to do is find the file and type in the numbers.

    So Vote!
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    that's a great site to have, especially if you're like me. Away from home and a first time voter...

    I have to do everything absentee and it's kinda confusing at first(at least they are in Alaska) but I've figured it out (it also helps that mom and dad are a phone call away so if I need something on their end it isn't hard to get)

    anyway thanks for the link, I might have to save it!

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    Because I never know if I am going to be in the hospital on election days I always vote by absentee ballott. Please look out for the elderly and shut ins in your community and help them to exercise their right to vote. Make sure that those living in senior citizens housing have transportation to and from the polls or have registered to voyte by absentee ballott. This is a great project for any group. In a lot of communities the League of Women Voters does this but they are not everywhere especially in rural areas. This election is so important to so many and the best way for our system to work is for everyone to participate.

    Thanks Doris, for reminding us and keeping us up to date

    Toni, voting for the first time is so exciting. My first time was 1972 the same year that the voting age was lowered from 21 to 18. I turned 18 on the day I graduated from high school. Of course my candidate, McGovern lost. We had a suitemate who was a big Nixon supporter .....she changed dorms by election day.

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    Thanks for that post and for reminding all of us here in the States that voting is a right that people have died for. So no matter who you support, it is a civic responsibility (IMO) that is too often just frittered away with "Oh, my one vote doesn't count". I remind everyone of the 200 elections to remember how important a single vote may be.

    Toni -Are you back in Alaska? How was the return trip?

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