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Thread: Canadian Idol August 18th

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    Canadian Idol August 18th

    Really good show tonight. I thought it might be really boring but the contestants all sang well.

    1. Theresa: Amazing performance that has finally redeemed her.

    2. Kalan: Another great performance, and Zach is right that he's going to win this thing.

    3. Elena: Very good, was really surprised that she carried a slow song as well as she did.

    4. Shane: I must give Shane his props for this. He's improving every week.

    5. Jason: He was good, but only because he chose the safest song to sing.

    6. Jacob: The vocals weren't there like I hoped they would be.

    Predictions: Shane, Jason, and Elena will be bottom 3 with Jason going home.

    Just a side note: Billy Klippert is performing on tomorrow night's show. Can't wait for that.

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    Hey Mike,

    Totally agree with your assessment of tonights show. I was prepared for a snoozer, but it was fantastic. I completely agree with your bottom 3, even though there really was not a poor performance tonight.

    Still not sure about Jacob. He is definitely not my cup of tea and I did NOT like that rendition of Sundown (which happens to be one of my favourite songs, I might add). That said, I still think it's going to be him and Kalan fighting it out at the end.

    Interesting side note - During the Edmonton auditions, Jake was interviewed for the newspaper and said that they had found a guy in Edmonton that he fully expects to be this year's idol. I am assuming that is Kalan, and I find it interesting that he knew that early in the game, with all those thousands of singers, that they had found "the one".


    PS - thanks for the heads up on Billy Klippert singing tommorrow - not that I would have missed results anyways, but now I will make sure I hide the remote from my hubby as he tends to only want to watch the final 5 minutes, and flicks back and forth during what he deems "the boring parts"

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    You beat me to the punch! I was going to post an idol topic - Two Thumbs up for tonight! I was worried about how this group would treat Gordon's songs, but I have to say I was really impressed. Even Elena - who I can't stand - managed to sing "In the Early Morning Rain" very nicely. Why can't she sing normal like that all the time -maybe that would change my mind. I loved Theresa's rendition of "Song For a Winter's Night" - very moving. Kalan was so, so. It was not great, but I thought he put some feeling into the song - a Lightfoot classic and one of my favorites (If You Could Read My MInd). Shane sang "The Way I Feel"- another classic of Gordons and probably one of his more difficult melodies - very well. I enjoyed Jason's rendition of "Rainy Day People" - I think it really suited his style. I was not crazy about Jacobs' interpretation of "Sundown."

    Thanks Gordon for bringing some class to Canadian Idol and some great material to work with!!!!!

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    OMG! I don't really follow American Idol, but I wish I lived close enough to Canada to get last night's Canadian idol. Gordon Lightfoot is one of my all-time favorite singer songwriters. I have just about everything he's done since "If You Could Read My Mind" & we've seen him in concert many, many times. Thank you SO much for sharing this!

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    Yup, it was a great show.

    Elena: this is the Elena I like. Beautiful

    Shane: probably his best preformance yet

    Jason: I would agree with Zack's comments if I could fully undertstand the, I think. The words don't come out right sometimes for him. Jason looks really comfortable out there but hes getting really boring for me. I'd like to see something else from him besides his very beautiful smile and him mugging for the camera. The judges are all about soul this year. Jason, you neeed to show some soul!

    Kalan: my sweetie I didn't think it was his best but I still love him

    Jacob: blah

    Theresa: shes back on track.

    all in all, it was a really good night. I can't wait to see Billy!

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    Oh, i forgot something. My favorite part of the night was when Theresa preformed in front of Lightfoot. I could tell that she was really in awe of him. And when she asked him to sign her guitar, I could see the lighbulb go off in her head. "Hey, Gordon Lightfoot is here and my guitar is right over there. hmmmm" I love watching her facial expressions.

    I forgot to vote again! But I did write down the numbers for Elena, Theresa, and Kalan. My fav 3.

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