This article was listed on the GSK8 main page and I thought it had some interesting points:

What do people think? Also, I don't know if Starr is just being general with his writing or if there is something I misunderstand about the computer random selection process. Starr says that 14 judges are on a panel and then the computer does some "razzle dazzle" and selects nine scores. The way he writes it, he makes it sound as if the scores are selected after they've been entered. I thought the nine scores and ordinals were selected before the event began. Does anybody have a link to some official description of the system? I know this is over and we're in for a new system, but I'm just wondering whether Starr is off in his description or what the deal is?

But that's a minor point. I'm far more interested in what people think of what Starr had to say in general.