For what it's worth, here are a few of my all-time favorite skating costumes worn by my all-time favorite figure skaters:

Dorothy Hamill - "Nutcracker" - gorgeous pink/white with white fur at the sleeves.
"Phantom of the Opera - Music of the Night" - dark blue dress - stunning!
1976 Olympic long program - "American Beauty Rose" dress with rhinestone around the v-neck. Simple and lovely.

Jill Trenary - 1990 World long program - short-sleeved red/gold dress with petal skirt - gorgeous.
1990 World short program - gold dress - stunning!
1988 Olympics long program - red beaded dress - stunning!

Nicole Bobek - 1995 US/World long program to "Dr. Zhivago" - stunning gold dress.

Peggy Fleming - 1968 Olympic long program - chautreuse dress her mother had sewn for her. Rhinestones around the neck and sleeves. Simple and absolutely beautiful.

Michelle Kwan - 1998 US/Olympic long program - very simple, sleeveless blue dress. Stunning and lovely.

Tara Lipinski - 1986 short program dress for "Little Women". Simple brown dress - it was right in character for the music and the movie.
1998 Olympic short program to "Anastasia" - the cream-colored dress with blue vest - very pretty and elegant.

Sasha Cohen - 2004 "Swan Lake" long program - the simple white dress.
Her short program dress, as well, was lovely.

The list goes on and on........