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    SPOILER: Women's All Around








    GOLD - Carly Patterson USA

    SILVER - Svetlana Khorkina Russisa

    BRONZE - Nan Zhang China

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    Rank Bib Name NOC Total
    1 416 PATTERSON Carly USA 9.375 9.575 9.725 9.712 38.387
    2 392 KHORKINA Svetlana RUS 9.462 9.725 9.462 9.562 38.211
    3 336 ZHANG Nan CHN 9.325 9.462 9.662 9.600 38.049
    4 394 PAVLOVA Anna RUS 9.425 9.337 9.650 9.612 38.024
    5 385 SOFRONIE Nicoleta Daniela ROM 9.412 9.637 9.362 9.537 37.948
    6 406 YAROTSKA Irina UKR 9.200 9.650 9.400 9.437 37.687
    7 353 DEBAUVE Marine FRA 9.162 9.512 9.262 9.425 37.361
    8 343 GOMEZ Elena ESP 9.150 9.525 9.162 9.462 37.299
    9 414 KUPETS Courtney USA 9.275 9.625 8.975 9.237 37.112
    10 306 SLATER Allana AUS 9.175 9.362 9.212 9.350 37.099
    11 402 KOZICH Alina UKR 9.250 9.512 8.687 9.600 37.049
    12 313 HYPOLITO Daniele BRA 8.825 9.562 9.337 9.237 36.961
    13 335 WANG Tiantian CHN 9.375 9.537 8.725 9.162 36.799
    14 354 LEPENNEC Emilie FRA 9.300 9.687 8.112 9.537 36.636
    15 429 BISMPIKOU Stefani GRE 8.887 9.475 8.900 9.237 36.499
    16 317 COMIN Camila BRA 9.187 9.437 8.525 8.925 36.074
    17 375 PYON Kwang Sun PRK 8.525 9.587 8.850 8.900 35.862
    18 325 RICHARDSON Kate CAN 9.262 8.087 9.037 9.400 35.786
    19 365 TWEDDLE Elizabeth GBR 8.987 9.562 7.800 9.412 35.761
    20 302 MOORHOUSE Stephanie AUS 9.037 8.587 9.037 9.062 35.723
    21 363 LENNON Katy GBR 9.262 8.987 8.200 8.925 35.374
    22 424 GONZALEZ CALERO Leyanet CUB 9.325 8.725 8.012 9.237 35.299
    23 420 VANWALLEGHEM Aagje BEL 9.225 9.075 8.287 8.275 34.862
    24 321 BANVILLE Melanie CAN 9.200 8.025 8.787 8.462 34.474

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    Good for her! I was hoping that she would be on the podium and this is even better. :D

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    Hi All,

    Firstly, a disclaimer - all of below is just IMO and I'm not meaning to upset anyone with my comments OK....

    Watched all of it this morning and, as an event, IMO this was quite boring on the whole, especially after the fantastic Team final and even better Men's AA.

    Miss Patterson had a very average vault, but responded well on Bars and was excellent on the Beam and Floor (although my heart missed a beat at the end of her 3rd tumbling pass when she put her foot down very close to the boundary), but any shred of competition went down the drain when everyone except Miss Patterson blew their chances on the Beam.

    Good to see Khorkina get the Silver I suppose, but IMO she was overmarked on the Bars (again, bobble on pirouette work - unbelievable!) and undermarked on Floor (best routine she did all week, by far and just beautiful to watch). I really thought the Romanian girl was going to give Miss Patterson a run for her money and she was doing fine until the Beam, when a couple of tiny bobbles gave the judges the opportunity to undermark her IMO and that was her finished for the comp. The judging for the minor placings and below was strange - following on from Sydney AA, it seemed like they wanted to give all the major nations a medal. I felt for Pavlova (especially at the end when they showed her with tears running down her face) as she missed out on Bronze by a miniscule amount, how, I don't know because I felt she was better than the Chinese girl, who was "forgiven" for some of the many bobbles she had across all apparatus IMO. Courtney Kupets began well, but serious bobbles on the beam and out of bounds on the floor sunk her.

    I have to say that Miss Patterson needs to work on her "artistry" (for want of a better word - I think you can work out what I'm trying to say). She can do all the tricks, but I think she is a bit lucky -
    a) Oana Ban had to withdraw as she could have been a spoiler, and;
    b) Catalina Ponor isn't that great on Bars as yet and missed the AA comp , because (and please don't hurt me for saying this) Ponor has the tricks and the "artistry".

    Still, Miss Patterson is the champ and very well deserved on the night too!

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    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I am so happy for Carly Patterson. She put all of the mistakes in the Team Final behind her and was brilliant. And what can you say about Khorkhina...she is one of a kind and she really did bring so much personality to gymnastics. I will miss the "diva".

    Owen, I think you are right on with many of your opinions. Carly isn't as artistic as some of the other gymnasts, but she is young. I'm hoping if she stays in the sport she will mature and develop that aspect more. But, overall, I think she is the finest gymnast right now and her victory tonight proved that.

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    ITA with your opinion of Carly Patterson. I thought Sveta's bar score was high but it was just considering how she was totally robbed on the vault score. Anna Pavlova definitely deserved the bronze. I thought she looked great on all her events. The Chinese girl had a lot of mistakes, however her floor exercise had really great choreography and great music.

    I wish Sveta had been able to hold it together on the beam. I think she gave that title to Carly.

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    HOORAY CARLY!!!! I bet her and Paul will share a wheaties box!!!

    The Russian, Pavlova maybe? Was the most refreshing surprise of the night, I really enjoyed her routines and I hope that she will be a force in the coming years.

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    Y'know, I'm really surprised that all the ex-Romanian/Russian talent coaching the US girls didn't incorporate more intricate/sophisticated choreo into the routines, because no-one knows more about it than they do, so why not?

    Just as skating is more than jumps, gymnastics is (or should be) more than acrobatics (I mean, I just the Chinese style on the beam - forget about the tricks, I could watch those girls just doing their choreo all day). If I wanted to see just tricks, I would go hang out @ Cirque de Soliel(sp?). Considering the real similarity between a lot of routines acrobatically (eg, FX - lots of 3 twists, 2.5 twists to punchfronts, double somis piked and layout etc etc and on beam, eg, it seemed most everyone was doing Onodi's connecting to flips/layouts), the choreo/dance elements make a real point difference between gymnasts.

    It's interesting to compare Miss Patterson's scores against Ponor's for Beam and Floor (the two most "artistic" apparatus IMO) during team final (which is a fair example as both performed well). Ponor outscored Patterson by 1.5 on Beam and .88 on Floor, which are huuuuuge differences at this level and Miss Patterson did not make any glaring errors or even several minor ones which would eat away at her SV. I think Miss Patterson actually has slightly more difficult routines acrobatically (eg, her dismount from Beam is just mind-blowing) and even last night, when she performed brilliantly on those apparatus, her scores still did not equal Ponor's from Team, so what gives?

    Based on what I had seen of her earlier in the week, I didn't have any real hopes for Khorkina claiming the gold, for all her reputation. The only girls I thought who had a chance to compete with Miss Patterson were Ban (who pulled out) and Sofronie (who I felt was shafted on Beam). However, I think that as soon as Ponor improves her AB skills just a little, Miss Patterson is going to have some serious competition for those AA titles.....

    Edited to add "Carly is no Mary Lou. I don't even consider Carly in the same league as Shannon Miller."

    Soogar, I don't consider even Mary Lou to be in the same league as the Divine Miss M!!!
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