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Thread: SPOILER: Women's All Around

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    That's very cool. Brian does like to incorporate other art forms into his skating shows. I wonder if he can come up with an innovative way to combine gymnastics with skating?


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    Brian did do a show a few years back that had both gymnastics and figure skating. I believe Nadia and Bart Connor did programs for it (in addition to a few other people). From my memory, there was a mat on the ice and for the transition , the skater would do a few moves with the gymnast (alongside the mat). There were also parallel bars on the ice etc. Gymnastics and figure skating is a concept that looks better on paper than executed in real life. However rhythmic gymnastics (there were a few with the show) looks pretty good with figure skating. "Artistic" (I don't know why they call them that) gymnasts are kind of klunky (not all but most) compared to figure skating.

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