Was I the only one who thought that Cynthia Potter (the woman who's commentating the diving) was channelling Dick Button? Nitpick, nitpick, nitpick. Quibble, quibble, quibble. Carp, carp, carp. And talk about NOT SHUTTING UP.

I will say that Ms. Potter, a former Olympic diving medallist, is extremely knowledgeable about the sport, and I've learned a lot about what to look for due to her commentary over the years (I remember her from the '84 Olys). Also, the overall quality of the diving based on that criteria was not especially good last night. But for heaven's sake, enough with the nitpicking, every dive, every diver, already!!

I also noticed that she has a tendency to do what Uncle Dick does -- pick one particular phrase and have that be her tangent for the evening. (Some nights Dick seems to be on about "point of view" [whatever THAT is] and other nights "point of view" doesn't even come up, it's another catchphrase that gets repeated every program.) Last night Ms. Potter was very much into "reference points", I wonder if that will be her Tangent du jour tonight, or if she'll be on to something else. This is assuming I don't put the TV on mute after about 3 minutes of this.... :sheesh: :sheesh: :sheesh: