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Thread: Missed Joan of Arcadia!!!!

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    Missed Joan of Arcadia!!!!

    Can someone give a load down of the show last night. I forgot to set the vcr.
    Thank you

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    OK - I'll try to remember the rundown:

    Joan - her hair is darker this season. Anyway she spent much of the episode very "up" and cheerful trying to convince herself she was just hallucinating God. The show picked up with her having spent the last few months in some sort of clinic where she got counseling and for some reason, made a lot of lamps. Of course Adam now believes she really was communicating with God (unlike last season) because he read some books on the subject of God encounters, but she shuts him down saying she can't go back there (i.e. considering that what she experienced was really God).

    Anyway, God comes back in many of the familiar forms as last season (the old woman from West Wing, the cute guy, the little girl in the playground). Basically she ignores God until near the end of the episode. What happens is that she's working in the book store, and her boss tells her about his unbalanced girlfriend who talks to her rabbit (as a way of trying to relate to what happened to Joan). Anyway, the girlfriend comes in having either killed the rabbit or it died on its own (I wasn't clear on that), and she hysterically starts crying about how she can now be normal the way he wants her to be. (The message being that when you let go of that thing that makes you different, you are unhappy).

    So she leaves the book store with cute boy God, and she finally expresses how hurt she is by him. He doesn't really explain anything but manages to make a small dent in her armour by asking her to think about whether she's missed him even a little bit.

    Judging by the previews for next week's show, something is going to happen to Adam that God will tell Joan is her fault for ignoring him (or maybe it just sounds like that because of the snippet of dialogue they showed).

    As for the rest of the family:

    The big news is that Kevin's former friend (who drove the car that Kevin was riding in at the time of the accident that left him crippled and the other boy without a scratch) is suing the Gerardis for "emotional distress". Of course the father tries to keep this news from the mother. He wigs out in his lawyer's office pointing out that they specifically did not go after the boy who crippled Kevin in court because they felt it was a mistake any teenager could have made. So he feels particularly furious that this boy would now sue them. Apparently the grounds for the suit is that Kevin knew his buddy was drunk and didn''t take the keys away from him. The details were fuzzy, but I'm sure they'll be made clear in future episodes.

    The mom spent much of the episode trying to convince her priest friend (and an ex-nun he referred her to) that she wanted to be confirmed in the Catholic Church. Of course the fact that she didn't tell anyone in her family was pointed out to her as fact that she's not ready for such a step. She finally tells her husband what she's considering and how she really believes in God, and he finally wigs out and eventually tells her about the lawsuit.

    Not much from Kevin in this episode. He was mainly being goofy and happy, which mirrored his father's disbelief over the lawsuit.

    Much of the humor in the episode came from Luke and Grace. They are seen making out for five minutes each day in out-of-the-way locations. Apparently Grace had Luke sign a confidentiality agreement that doesn't allow for them to be connected as girlfriend and boyfriend in any way (he's not even allowed to use those words), and he's only allowed 5 minutes of make-out time with her each day. Of course he's frustrated by the arrangement, ahd hilarity ensued.

    That's about all I can remember. You should be able to pick up next week and get right back into the swing of things.

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    Great summary, Sandee!

    I think the lady did kill the rabbit, because she said, "Look what you made me do."

    I thought that whole encounter was to make Joan see what it was like to be truly crazy.


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    Thank you very very much

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