Are there really that many stupid athletes out there? If they are using a banned substance, they MUST know that there is a very good chance they'll get caught. Why do it? All those banned U.S. track runners should be ashamed of themselves for humiliating our entire country. The entire weightlifting team from Bulgaria was banned at some point--what's up with that? Talk about having brawn but no brains. And those two Greek runners? Did they think that they would be above scrutiny just because Greece is hosting the Olympics?

Unfortunately, sometimes cheaters do get by. Kosuke Kitajima clearly made an illegal kick en route to winning the 100 breastroke (as seen on replay), yet judges standing out of the water could not catch it. I don't know how he can look at that gold medal and not be embarrassed. (He did, however, earn the gold in the 200 breastroke fair and square.)