You know it would take something of monumental importance for me to come out of my cocoon, not to mention my money-making commitments and watching the Olympics, but monumental this is.

"South Park," the adult animated show, is holding elections for class president of the fourth grade. We're talking serious, people. Right now it's neck and neck between Butters and Cartman. I'm campaigning big time for Butters. I want to see what happens when genuinely sweet litte Butters gets absolute power and is absolutely corrupte. Plus things are URGENT! The last day of voting is tomorrow, Tuesday 8-24-04, until midnight in your time zone, if I have that last part correct. Check the site about the end time for voting. That is, if you give a boogar.

Go to the following URL

Scroll down to the picture of BUTTERS! --seventh picture down--and click VOTE under his picture.

If you have problems with the above URL, go to
click on the show "South Park" and follow the directions for voiting. Remember, 12:00am midnight 8-24-04 is when voting closes down and your last chance to affect who will be class president of South Park Elemntary's Fourth Grade. Bush and Kerry, pfft! The outcome of Butters vs. Cartman will affect all aspects of the universe!


Warning to Those Unfamiliar with "South Park": If you don't like the way the majority of third- and fourth-grade boys really and truly talk and what they realy and truly do when they're just around each other, that is gross and potty mouthed, don't watch "South Park." But if you're into Isaac Hayes of "Shaft" fame doing the voice of Chef, the school cafeteria cook and South Park's love machine, and love gross, potty-mouth humor of the hightest quality, then check your local listings for "South Park" on Comedy Central. EST it's on at 9:30pm weeknights except Thursdays; two shows Wednsedays; and I think 11pm on Sat and Sundays--but don't trust me.:D