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Thread: Women's Hurdles (Spoilers)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealtorGal
    Apparently, the Russians have filed a protest, asking that the race be re-run. RIDICULOUS!

    Actually, the rules of the Track & Field Federation do state that in a case like that, the federation of the runner affected by the accident are within their rights to ask for a re-do. I think under the circumstances it was at least worth a try. If the initial trip had happened in the outer lane and then led to some domino effect taking out more than half the field, would that be the breaks, too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by berthes ghost

    Anyway, as comforting as your husband's theory may be, it's riddled with holes:

    1) I believe there are much smaller countries like Hungary and Germany that seem to do much better than Canada in the medals department.
    2) I believe that there are much larger countries like Brazil who do worse
    3) The number of atletes entered per country is limited. This is good IMHO because otherwise the Olys would be named USA vs. USSR. The flip side of this is that there are US and Russian athletes watching on TV at home who are probably much better athletes than many whom are competing on an Oly stage, while they instead sit on a sofa. That must be frustrating too.

    Japan is tiny, yet they are currently dominating the ladies skating. China is huge, yet Chen Lu stood out as their one and only skater.
    Actually, most of Canada's problem is lack of funding and training problems - mainly for the summer Olympics. We do better with the winter Olympics. Many of our top athletes turn professional and don't stay long in the amateur ranks. Many of our top coaches leave for other parts - like the US - so you guys get the benefits and the medals.

    So although size of population does come into factor, it is not the entire equation.

    Really, no one here has the right to cast judgement on our Olympic woes - except we Canadians of course!

    In spite of everything, I am proud of our athletes - they are giving their best - some are bringing home medals, but most of all they are having the time of their lives.

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