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Thread: Skating Artwork

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    Skating Artwork

    I've recently been able to open up my own online gallery at and many of my peices deal with figure skating. One thing I'd like to do is make a directory of many artists who do figure skating related art and I just wanted to leave a note here to see if anyone here is an artist who does skating peices and would be interested in 'linking up.' I think it would be fun to get us all together in one place.
    Anyone else interested???

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    Art is a passion of mine, but so is skating. I am devoting hte time and energy to skating. I am so glad that you poasted this. I have been looking for some skating artwork for my "skate room".

    I looked at these and they are nice. I wish that I could find some of Sonja Henie. That may drive ME back to the proverbial and literal drawing table!!!
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    skating art

    Good to hear!
    If you ever put any of your art online, let me know! We can link up! :o

    In a backward way, art led me to skating. I wanted some interesting poses to draw for an art class and picked up a book on skating. Wow, it's amazing where that all led!
    Now I've learned to figure skate and it's one of my specialties in art. Also, if you have a Sonja photo that you think would make a great pose- I'd love to see it.
    Also, I got a poster for christmas that's an old advertisement for a french resort and it has a 1920s skater on it that looks very Sonja. Check out or someplace like that, you will probably find it.

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    Hello! Thanks for your request - what a good idea. I do watercolors of skaters, which you can see here.

    I looked at a few of your pieces and I'll go back and look at the rest soon. I'm re-doing my entire web site at the moment, (partly so it will load a lot faster) but when the new one goes up I'll include a section of links to others who also do skating artwork.

    I'll be doing a lot more watercolors of skaters this fall, but they probably won't be up on the site until October or November.

    Great to see your work!

    -Sarah B.

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