I have to say tonight's show left me flat. After the great job done with Gordon Lightfoot's songs, the gang fell flat on their faces. It was not their best efforts.

Theresa: Well her voice is good. I am not sure a Smokey Robinson song - "Cruisin" - is her forte, but she sang better than the rest of the bunch.

Shane - Very disappointed. He sang "Can't take my Eyes off of You" - had some technical problems. Just did not go over well.

Kalan - Why would he pick the Doobie brothers - okay, but not great.

Jacob - Hate that song by Aerosmith and he gives me the creeps. If he wins this thing, he needs some dental work.

Jason - At least he is true to himself and picked a good song - Robert Palmer - "Bad Case of Loving you." Not quite the Palmer delivery, but good effort.

The whole show just seemed to be flat tonight. Need another great artist like Gordon Lightfoot to show up!!!