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Thread: Lessons and Practices, 9/6 - 9/12

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    Lessons and Practices, 9/6 - 9/12

    Yazmeen says to go ahead and start without her, so...

    For my lesson yesterday we ran through a bunch of stuff:


    My baby 1-foot spins (from 2-foot start) continue to improve, I got a new personal best in front of my coach, for once.

    My coach had me try a new drill, FO3 on the circle followed by back 2-foot turn. I'd not really done the FO3s on that small a curve before but they were okay. The back 2-foot turn is stinky, though.


    We practiced pushing back into the landing position. This is pretty weak and I'm not getting a good BO edge (on either foot I tried). Need to have better posture and be firmer.

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    First lesson since I got back from Adult Week at Lake Placid.

    Coach was most impressed with my forward inside and outside 8 and thinks I may be ready to test pre-figures. Should be pretty easy (yeah, right) since I passed my PPM and some of the edge requirements are repeated here. Meanwhile working on my PM, trying to get those dastardly alternating 3s. And to keep me from getting totally bored, also working on my PPF, namely the one foot spin (eeewwww) and my toeloop.

    I would hope that by now I look like a figure skater and not a marionette on a string!! :D :D :D

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    I worked on the back half of my new program with coach. Coming out of half lutz into stroking, backwards twist, LB crossover into sal-toe combo (no "real" toe yet, that needs work in harness), stroking into two half flips out of mohawks then alternating slides into LFO3 into RB crossovers, one foot spin to finish. Didn't try it with the music, I was just too tired. Its my last week at the hospital, and I'm exhausted from tying up loose ends and packing. At least I'll get some rest and skating in before starting the new job!!!!

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    The goal this week is to get the back inside 3 consistent. As usual, the right BI3 is easier than the left. Surprise!

    After several days of practising the back inside 3s, I can finally turn on top of the lobe. That's a huge improvement for me. Now I have to work on more knee bend and extension after the turn so that there'll be a little bit more "curve" after the turn.

    I have a feeling my coach will start working on my flip soon. I don't know why, I just don't like the flip jump. I like the lutz much more than the flip.

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    Hey all! I've just started regular practices for my synchro team and wanted to share some pics with you!

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    Lessons-today my coach started me on my flip jump. I can do it, but I have this problem with crossing my foot over my leg. I let my free leg sort of hang to the side. I do this in my loop jump too. I use it as a "crutch" for fear of falling. I need to trust myself to land on one foot and not touch down with both.

    Also worked on doing a toe loop, toe loop combination. It needs work.
    Next week my coach wants to add the lutz jump which I could never do very well.

    After skating I was walking to my car, talking to my coach when I stepped off the curb and hyper-extended my right knee-OUCH! Hopefully I can skate on it.

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    Okay. Today I had my first lesson with a new coach and she was really nice! She's trying to fix my flutz and toe-axel, but I don't think it will work because my old coach tried and that didn't work. My double-doubles are coming along so I 'm happy about that. My spins were pretty good today but I HATE camels because they're on my bad spiral foot so I only get my leg hip level if I'm lucky but usually it's lower. All in all my practice was pretty good though. On my next lesson(Monday)I 'm going to do my new solo for her so I'm happy about that too.

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