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Thread: Gymnastics officials want Hamm to give up gold

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    Asking Paul Hamm to give up his Gold

    Any one remember Wimbledon this year? Venus Williams had lost a match because the referee called out the incorrect score. Team Williams didn't correct during the match; so it was tough luck. I guess to make things right the Wimbledon Ladies champion should just give it up to Venus...right?

    Gymnastics has a similar situation. Team Korea didn't attend to the start value situation during the competition. That Korean gymnast only has himself and his federation to blame.

    I am more angry that the FIG and the Koreans are ruining Paul's experience. This should be the best time of his life. I hope he doesn't leave gymnastics.

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    I doubt that he will leave gymnastics. Afterall he has the gold in his pocket. Unless the FIG 'orders' him to give it up, it's his forever. He will make millions in endorsements because of the Olympic gold. The Koreans are only doing what the USOC would have done had the situation been reversed. We are not used to seeing someone fighting back. Most other countries just accept the undesirable results, and let the US rule. I cannot blame the Koreans for doing what they are doing. They too could be watching tapes and criticizing Hamm's unusually high marks on the vault after the fall. As far as I am concerned, once the game is over it is over. That should have applied to the SLC situation too (I know many are going to rake me over the coals for saying this). However, results have been changed in the past in the Olympics (not just SLC pairs), so I don't see why they cannot be changed here.

    The fault belongs to the FIG for not being firm on the issue -either change the results, or don't change them. It is ridiculous to ask the athletes to make the decision. I don't see why an athlete would give up his hard earned medal that was given to him by the judges. The FIG needs to make a decision one way or the other, and live with it.

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    Vash, most of us have no problem with the Korean federation. We do, however, object to FIG trying to tell Hamm he should give up his medal voluntarily. Like it's the question of a physical medal! FIG is the one that needs to decide if Yang or Hamm is 2004 all around Olympic champion, and it's cowardly to make Hamm decide. Once again, no problem with Koreans here, they are just doing their jobs.

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