I live on the East side directly across from Madison Square Garden on the West side.. For the past two days I believe the security organizers of the RC have been rehearsing what to do in case of a serious problem which might occur at the Garden or on route to the Garden. There have been convoys of police SUVs, lots of police cars, motorcycles, all zooming up and down 34th street sounding their sirenes from west to east (there are hospitals on the east side). Penn Station and the LIRR commuter entrance look like barricades made up of policemen looking carefully at everyone entering or passing by. Today we had several helicopters buzzing around my building and continuing on down to the West side. I was told there will be at least one blimp hovering over the Garden during the convention.

Sunday is the protest day and that should be an interesting touch to this enfolding drama. Thousands and thousands are predicted to show up for the organized march. From what I understand, they will go 'on their own' to Central Park but there will not be any platform for speeches. Bloomberg won this based on his statement that the crowd would ruin the grass. When thousands and thousands of fans flock to Central Park to see Pavorati or whatever, the grass is fine. hmmm.

If all this goes off without a hitch, I kinda think Bloomberg will be very noticed nationally and could that mean a run for the Presidency?