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Thread: Campbell's Predictions and Comments

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joesitz
    I'm curious, has anyone seen her practicing more difficult jumps (she has them all except for a 3A)? I presume you means combos. Other than the 3Tx3T, are there any others, and if so, is she practicing seriously? I would love it if this is all true, and yes, she will win it all. if it is true.

    I agree with MichelleWingKwan. The report is she now has different 3/3s under her belt, I call them ready to coock in refredge, . "Very BIG, Beautyful and Consistant" is the words from the one saw her practice. And the way she maintains those jumps is very healthy and just show you how consistant they are.

    I'm not to make any prediction about worlds, don't want to tempt skating god. But

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    Thanks for the info, mzheng! That is very good to hear.

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