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Thread: SPOILER: Basketball medals

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    SPOILER: Basketball medals

    I don't see this posted, so I will go ahead. I heaved a sign of relief when the US dream team beat Lithuania to win the bronze. I started watching the championship game between Italy and Argentina, but I am ashamed to say I fell asleep (I have been sleep deprived lately). I regretted it when I woke up. It was a terrific game, from all accounts. I was happy for the Argentinian team for winning the gold. The Italians seemed happy with the silver- they had exceeded all expectations. I was disappointed by the disappointed look on the faces of the US players. An Olympic bronze is nothing to be ashamed of. Regardless of what the expectations were, coming into the games, they should feel happy. They did beat the previously unbeaten Spain team to get into the semifinals. I was hoping to see them in the gold medal game but it was not to be. The international game is different from what they are used to playing. The world has caught up with the USA, and apparently passed them. It is a more interesting competition when anybody can win the gold, as it was at this time. I am thrilled for Arggentina. They also won the soccer gold today. The first basketball player NBC interviewed said that they played for pride, and for their country. Congratulations to them. It was a well deserved win.


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    Yes, it was. And after 52 years our soccer and basketball teams where able to produce not one, but two gold medals for my country. Down here we are very proud of all of them. ...And we are also sleep deprived, because the soccer game was sheduled at 4am, and everybody saw it...and we have been celebrating the two victories since today, at work, I was having a lot of trouble trying not to fell asleep, and the same thing was happening to everybody else :o

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