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Thread: Mens Short - Notes & Results

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    Mens Short - Notes & Results

    Disclaimer: Info below is copyrighted to Golden Skate so please don't copy & paste into other forums, newsgroups, mailing lists, and/or articles.

    Thanks so much!

    As usual, the skaters are shown in the order they skated and the placements are the placements at the time they skated. Marks are shown as Tech, Components and total

    USA Ryan Jahnke Start 1 Place 1
    Notes dark brown velvet top music is Bouree in E minor by Bach / 3a 2ft but stood up on it / 3f2t planned a 3t / sit ch sit with very good unusual pos / he's so musical and is right with it / O ftwrk is very good & difficult / change of mood a bit more flowing / ftwrk into 3z & hung on to it - tano z / flysit is very good / stt ftwrk is lyrical and with music / this is a great piece of music for him / combo spin has variations that ebb & flow with the changes in the music /
    t 30.70 c 30.05 tot 60.75

    CAN Emanuel Sandhu Start 2 Place 2
    Notes bright turqoise top with slashes of pink & black lattice on sleeves brown pants / Rise by safri duo / 4t3t that only was a 2t / 3a is very nice into very high & fast flysit spin / 3z at far end of ice threw a lot of snow not sure if clean / fantastic O ftwrk at far end of rink that had a bit of a trip after the jump / cam chg cam is very good / & strt ftwrk with loads of twizzles that he fell on part way through / combo spin is very good & fast with good pos but he almost fell out of the headless but managed to cover it up /
    t 25.62 c 34.55 tot 60.17 2nd

    CAN Jeffrey Buttle Start 3 Place 1
    Notes black velvet vest over white shirt effect / prelude in c-minor by rachmaninoff / 3f2t after some nice mood setting chor / 3a / O ftwrk is excellent & with music / butterfly in back sit with great fly & good pos & speed / spread eagles in 3z / cam ch cam with multiple pos & edges just gorgeous ending in catchfoot / strt ftwrk moves so well with music & ebbs & flows into combo spin with great pos & changes of edge /
    t 35.40 c 36.75 tot 72.15

    ROM Gheorghe Chiper Start 4 Place 4
    Notes baby blue pants with navy top with orange collar & clufs fits music / groove collection / 4t on bad lean fell / 3a fell / very nice fly into sit spin / he's playing with the music & the O ftwrk is working well / pick went in really bad on z and he didn'tget off the ice / I missed a spin / strt ftwrk plays well with the music & has a fair bit of difficulty / combo spinis ok travels a bit & ends in a really neat open leg pos /
    t 19.38 c 24.65 tot 42.03

    FRA Frederic Dambier Start 5 Place 4
    Notes black with silver seq idagonal design on chest / carmina burana, liberty / 4s fell / some chor / 3a bit shakey on landing but clean / cam sit ch sit open leg to scratch / strt ftwrk is ok a bit too much 2ft for me / music slows and he moves with it / 3f fell / O ftwrk turns mostly one way / sit ch sit to end is ok /
    t 26.62 c 30.05 tot 54.67 ded 2.00

    JPN Takeshi Honda Start 6 Place 2
    Notes black with velvet vest effect over white / Piano concerto in eminor by maxime / 4t off axix in air & fell / 3a / flysit is good but on the short side / 3f step out / cam ch cam is very nice with layover / diag ftwrk is very good nice turns & onefoot work/ combo spin has lots of pos change but none seem really stable / S ftwrk goes well with music & has good variations / I like the program & the way it flows but he has to skate it / t sorry – lost his numbers – official site has them

    CAN Ben Ferreira Start 7 Place 2
    Notes black vest & pants over burgundy shirt / Rodrigo grassland theme / 3z3t - 1st 3-3 combo of the night / spread eagle into 3a very nice / O ftwrt is good but he's a little stiff / butterfly into sit with good pos could be bit lower / ftwrk 3f landed with arms crossed in front / cam ch cam ending in edge pulls / strt ftwrk is difficult & with music if a gain a bit stiff / combo spin with very good pos - boy have they imp0roved / this was about the best he could have skated this program /
    t 36.78 c 30.6 tot 67.38

    BEL Kevin van der Perren Start 8 Place 3
    Notes black catsuit with sequin design & patches of grey with exit on back / everything by safri duo / 3a 3turns out 3t / 3z / nice open death drop / O ftwrk moves well with music difficult in the 1st half bit easy in 2nd / 2a / sit ch sit is fast with good pos on front and back / some nice movement to music into strt ftwrk that use whole body / combo spin cam sit chg cam sit to outside edge open leg / good program enjoyed it it he's happy /
    t 31.94 c 30.30 tot 62.24 3rd

    GER Stefan Lindemann Start 9 Place 3
    Notes black with lime green vest front / Earnest - same as last year / nice chorto start / 4t fell / 3a nice / combo spin is good / some more chor and into 3z / strt ftwrk stops & starts - plays well with music / sit ch sit fast low with good pos / O ftwrk ftwrk again has stops & starts & playws well with music / butterfly backk sit has good hang time in air /
    t 33.10 c 30.35 tot 63.45

    GEO Vakhtang Murvanidze Start 10 Place 9
    Notes black with deep v in front / harlem nocturne blues / some nice shoulder moves to set the mood & get into the program / 3a lean in air fell / 2t1t / I misssed something - he was skating around with his hands on his hips then crowd started clapping and he got back into it and did a 3z that was landed pitched forward but think clean (couldn't see feet ) / strt ftwrk was with music & good / sit ch sit combo spin was good and cam ch cam to end was great /
    t 20.98 c 25.45 tot 43.43 ded 3.00

    RUS Andrei Lezin Start 11 Place 9
    Notes grey catsuit with purple on one sleeve / quidam cirque de soliel / he's miming to start / 3f aws good 3t went up crooked and fell / 3a fell / music speeds up and butterfly back sit with lots of travel / ftwrk with some juggling into 3z / combo spin - didn't really see it / O ftwrk moves both ways & with music / sit ch sit is slow and travels badly on back end / diag ftwrk to end - was in lala land and didn't really see it /
    t 26.94 c 25.05 tot 49.99

    CHN Xiaodong Ma Start 12 Place 9
    Notes black with gold down one side / world cup symphony / 3f3t / 3a bit tentative into it but clean / combo spin front half was great back half very slow & travelled / 3z tangled feet & fell / O ftwrk is ok bit simple I think / flycam with layover is very good / sit ch sit excellent on front slow & travel on back / strt ftwrk has crowd clapping goes with music but bit simple /
    t 29.04 c 22.65 tot 50.69 ded 1.00

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    Good Job, Jeffrey. Let's hope that he would finally make it to the 2005 Worlds. I think he would be a threat for a medal. It's nice to see Stefan Lindemann off on the right track after that awful performance at Skate America

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    so glad to see Ben's results...rockin!

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    Thanks. Rosaleen, great report.

    Can't wait to see Jeff, Ryan and Eman.
    I'm wondering why Ryan's components score lower than Jeff with huge margine.
    Last edited by mzheng; 10-28-2004 at 09:54 PM.

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    Thanks so much for the report, it is so weird, this is the second report that I read that Lindemman feel (which of course I have no doubt that that was what happened) but he got no deductions on his score.

    Too bad for Vakhtang, I wanted him to do good, oh well now he has to prepare for Euros.

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    Oh man, there are too many of my favorites at Skate Canada. I don't know who to root for!

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