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    Sad Day At Work

    Monday, I went to work and found out that one of my previous supervisors (bookstore) had passed away on Sat. - she had gone in the hospital for surgery and was diagnosed with cancer. I was not aware how ill she was. It was a real shock to the system.

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    Sorry to hear about that Lad. I know what that feels like, one of our people had a heart attack over the weekend and died.


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    I too am sorry just never know........42

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    How sad, I'm so sorry.

    My BIL was telling me about one of his co-workers. They were all in a meeting, the guy put his head down on the desk, co-workers thought he dozed off, tried to wake him, he had died just like that.

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    So very sorry about your loss. Your heart just sinks. There's always a hole in your heart with a loss. I hope yours heals soon.

    Won't it be wonderful when we go to heaven and we won't have to lose any one again?
    Grgranny, DEFINITELY!

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