It looks like a new season of skating is about to begin.
And it seems to start in Minnesota with Campbell's Classic
On October 1st. I am not sure when it is on TV, because says it is 10-10 and Heather
Winfield says 10/8???? It will be at St. Paul in the Xcel Energy
Center. see: :for the list
of skaters.

Today the WCCO TV news came from the Minnesota State
Fair. Amber Corwin was there to promote the event and
gave away 2 tickets for October 1st. She did a good job.

My son got some great tickets, now I have to pay for them.
It should be fun.

New topic: On anotther thread someone asked if International
Figure Skating had a web site. You may be able to get to them
at: htpp:// , I hope.