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Thread: Good Article on Men's Gymnastics

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    Good Article on Men's Gymnastics

    Just ran across this in the Stanford University paper.

    I liked it a lot. I wish someone would send it to all those columnists who want to eliminate judged sports.

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    If there was ever a sport that needed computers, gymnastics is it, particularly with a new set of algorithms for start values every four years. The Code of Points for gymnastics is far more complex than the Code of Points for figure skating, because the start values are based on multiple combinations of moves that consist of a greater variety of moves and more in a row. (Because of landing edges, the most complex combination of moves in figure skating is a combo of three jumps, and, at least in theory, there is no min/max time in which the moves must be strung together)

    Instead of having two judges and one supervisor dedicated to calculating start value, the following scenario is possible:

    a. The required moves are programmed in, with applicable deductions built into the program for skipped elements

    b. The maximum number of holds is calculated, and applicable deductions are built in the program for going over the maximum number of holds

    c. All combinations of combos are programmed in, with the requisite amount towards start value in the program

    d. The proposed program for each gymnast is programmed into the computer, with a printout sent to each coaching staff for sign-off before the event.

    e. Descriptions of the various types of falls could be programmed in as well, with the correct amount of deductions taken.

    f. Out of bounds violations could be called by linesman, with mandatory deductions taken.

    The A panel judges serve as callers to define what the program was:

    a. Was each element performed to the minimum standard?
    b. Was each hold held long enough to count?
    c. Was there a substitution or omission, and, if so, what was it, so that the start actual start value can be recalculated?
    d. Were the moves joined together in a combo that increases start value?

    The B panel judges would worry about all other types of deductions for air position, landings, form, entry into element, smoothness of transitions, etc.

    It wouldn't matter if the network went down; the programs could be downloaded to laptops, and the start values and standard deductions entered from notes.

    Because gymnastics has so many elements in a row, the judges could even talk their comments into headphones, instead of using a touchscreen or taking notes, like they do now; their comments could be transcribed, and, in the future, voice recognition software could transcribe their comments into entries.
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