Alright, don't beat me up for my summer absence! :\ I apologize if this topic has already been beat to death and I was too lazy to find it!

How is the US Men's team shaping up this year?

I assume Michael Weiss is still in - I think I saw him entered in some GP events? Are we expecting anything revolutionary? I really respect Michael for the fact that he hangs in there and collects medals along the way, even if they are not gold. He always seems to be a positive and "senior" influence on the team.

Tim G is also entered. What have you all heard about his training? Is he past the physical and equipment problems of last year?

What about Johnny Weir? This is "old news" but he wrote a journal entry on his official website back in June indicating that quads are in the picture for his short and long. I'm also curious what you musical experts think about his selections. Assuming they haven't changed since that journal entry, it looks like two classical pieces, but of course I'm never familiar with the names alone. I fell in love with his skating last season and hope he's setting up for 2006.

What about any up and comers?

BEAT ME if I'm beating a dead horse, OK?