Hi, I've started school and I have not sold my entire collection of tapes yet. Instead of selling each tape for 10 dollars, (shipping and handeling included), I will sell 9 tapes for the price of 60 dollars. If you don't want to buy 9 tapes, I'm sure we can make another deal cause I desperately need to sell these tapes or else I will have to throw them out or something.
Check the list at http://www.geocities.com/soccerchic8787/FSTapeList.html

Plus, I recently found these tapes and they have not been added to the website.

Tape 83:
2000 Worlds- Ladies Short- ABC coverage

Tape 84:
02' Olympics- Men's short, pair's short

Tape 85:
1999 Evening of Champions
First half of 1999 Champions on Ice Tour

Tape 86:
1981 Worlds- Ladies and Pairs

Tape 87:
1989 Challenge of Champions
1992 US Nationals
1994 Nikkon
1999 Battle of Sexes
1992 Challenge of Champion

If you're interested in any of these, please let me know.
email me at soccerchic8787@yahoo.com

soccerchic8787 (at) yahoo . com