I've reveiced my monthly letter of the Golden Skate and they have an article on it that anounce that Bourne and Tchernichev are teaming up, just like we predicted, they are sure going to be great together.

I am so happy for both of them to have teamed up because at the end of a amateur career to have to start over or simply to stop is something hard, like Peter and Shae Lynn, they still have the love of skating and they still want to skate, so I sure believe that we have here a new team that can be GREAT AND MAGNIFICIENT together. They are so good on each part, so what they can do together is enormous. Their potential is enourmous. I wish them the best luck in the world and hope to see them in the next SOI tour this coming season.

They said before in this forum that there would be an anounment made in fall and there was, good for all of us who loves both of them and think of what they can bring to a Tour and to some other shows. Good for them. I am so happy. I whished since the both had ended their partnership that they would team up those two.