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Thread: Enhanced vs. Guided Mode

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    Enhanced vs. Guided Mode

    When posting messages to the forums or other members, there are three interface types available to you. The simplest of these is a simple text box, while the last is a fully-fledged WYSIWYG editor, which allows you to format your text as you want it and see the results immediately.

    Depending upon the capabilities of your web browser, you may not be able to use all of these options. If you experience problems when posting messages, try switching to a different interface type.

    To try the Enhanced mode, go to your User CP, click on Edit Options, and then scroll down and select the below.

    Basic Editor - A simple text box Standard Editor - Extra formatting controls Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing Message Editor Interface:

    These controls allow you to quickly and easily enter vBcode into your posts and messages. To use them, simply click the appropriate buttons or select items from the lists to enter vBcode.

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    If I click on receive email from others, does it give them my email address?
    Grgranny, DEFINITELY!

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    If you click on receive email from others, then other members will be able to send you a message which will arrive by email. (They can still send you a message by PM to your GS private message folder whether or not you decide to enable email.)

    If you click on a person's name, then click on "send a message by email," you get a dialogue screen to type in, but the person's email address does not show. The GS software automatically sends your message to the email address that the person listed when he/she registered for GS, but the person who sends the message does not know the address that he is sending it to.

    However, when you receive a message by this method, you will see the person's email address who sent it to you. If you answer the email in the usual way (i.e, by your own personal email account, rather than through GS), then of course that person will see the return address.

    In other words, if you send a message to someone by email instead of PM, then that person will see your email address.

    So...your email address is secure unless you want to reveal it to a correspondent.

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