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Here's the Ladies Short -- I got distracted a couple of times so missed a few things. 22 Ladies is a lot to watch for my 1st event of the season and we're sitting on hard benches as well

FIN Henna Hietala Start 1 Place 13
Notes irridescent halter with pink underskirt / big band / 3z fell think fully rot / 2l with pause after footwork / layback with foot to head good speed / spirals were held with ok pos / 2a bit unsteady on landing but clean / fly cam very good fly speed & nicespo to inside edge to 2 illusions at end / strt ftwrk went well with music good speed &fair difficulty / combo spin started out really well but got a bit weak in middle & travel /
plan 25.3 tech 16.1 comp 15.66 tot 30.76

MON Aurore Premont Start 2 Place 16
Notes black velvet with keyhole back sparkles down sides / 2a bit ticght on landing but clean / heavy driving beat familiar / 2f think 3t fell out hand down / flycam has nice fly ok speed & pos / 3l badly under rot hands down / music softens for spiral seq / layback is fast & centered with variation on pos / O ftwrk got a bit slow but was very complex & interesting / combo spin was fast /
plan 23.7 tech 15.63 comp 12.42 tot 27.05

MEX Maria Fernanda Diaz Valle Start 3 Place 21
Notes turqoise with lime green accents - nicer than it sounds / 2a rotated & almost had it then fell / fly cam very good fly / 2z flutz both hands down / layback travelled across the country & she fell out of it / music remids me of circus / spirals are soso /diag fwrk is weak / 2l fell / combo spin has ok pos but travel in a big circle / there was very little connection to the music /
plan 15.4 tech 11.08 comp 10.57 tot 20.65

CAN Monica Boucher Start 4 Place 9
Notes black with diagonal red band / layback with strt leg to foot to head / egyptian sounding music heavy beat / 3t2t 3turn out of 2t / music is caravan / ftwrk 3l fell maybe underrot / flycam with layover is nice if a bit slow / strt ftwrk had good detail &went both ways / spirals are held could use more extension / 2a fell / combo spin is good nice pos /
plan 23.3 tech 18.82 comp 16.82 tot 33.64

USA Kimmie Meissner Start 5 Place 2
Notes light mauve dress with beading / 3z fell out turn 2t / her flow is really good nice 3l / layback with good speed & back / change of edge spiral was a bit wobbly on 2nd edge / combo spin is fast with nice sit pos to Y / 2a / strt ftwrk is deceptively simple-looking I think / flycam ending in illusion
plan 25.3 tech 23.54 comp 22.79 tot 46.33

CAN Amelie Lacoste Start 6 Place 3
Notes black velvet with one sleeve red trim & gold sequins - spanish? / starts out with attitude & chor / ftwrk right into 3l very nice / 3z was only 2 & fell didn't go up right / didn't really see layback / nice inside out spiral ended seq with a charlotte / 2a low but good distance / was blocked from seeing most of fly cam / S ftwrk to castanets is very detailed / cam sit layback back cam sit Y got a bit unsteady at times but centered /
plan 25.3 tech 22.53 comp 19.79 tot 41.32 2nd right now

BEL Kirsten Verbist Start 7 Place 18
Notes light pink with dark pink sequins radiating from star / nice sideways layback / 3s fell couldn't see feet to know if fully rot / combo spin included A - not sure if enough revs on back / 2l fell out with hands down / spirals are ok / strt ftwrk is good &with music / 2a fell / flycam has good fly bit slow & needs more extension /
plan 23.8 tech 13.58 comp 13.01 tot 24.59

ISR Rachel Kapelner Start 8 Place 20
Notes black with bit of mauve trim / 2a fell / 2-1/2 loop / combo spin has some unique pos variations / there isn't much relationship to the msic / 3s didn't get off the ice / spirals are so so / fly cam is very nice with catch foot / strt ftwrk is very detailed & goes well with music - a real contrast to most of the rest of program / layback into beillman /
plan 23.8 tech 11.30 comp 12.43 tot 22.73

USA Danielle Kahle Start 9 Place 4
Notes hot pink with black lace over one side / 2a nice height / hernandos hideaway / 3l bit unsteady on landing but clean / flycam very good speed & pos with layover / think it was a 3z fell on kind of weird take-off / I just saw a spin but didn't see it / inside out spiral then front & back / combo spin included a broken leg sit / strt ftwrk is ok /
plan 25.3 tech 21.08 comp 19.47 tot 39.55

JPN Rumi Suizu Start 10 Place 7
Notes sparkly mauve pants & top with bare midriff / 3t2t / 3l far end of rink blocked by boards people say it was 2ft - didn't see it / O ftwrk has good flow / inside out spiral starts seq / layback with flat back / 2a had it then sat on foot / combo spin is fast & centered / her skating is very quiet & flows effortlessly /
plan 23.3 tech 17.23 comp 18.04 tot 34.27

SWE Matilda Rang Start 11 Place 5
Notes hot pink / spanish guitar / nice 2a / 3s pause 2t / flycam nice fly bit slow good pos / spirals move well need more extension / popped loop / cam sit back sit leg in front comobo spin / diag ftwrk moved well with music / layback is fast with good back / she skated with her music and moved fast /
plan 23.8 tech 18.9 comp 17.74 tot 36.64 4th right now

USA Cara Kinney Start 12 Place 6
Notes black music is phantom / layback had nice arm pos that made it very pretty spiral effect / didn't see jump probably a 2l / nice 2a / spirals are ok / S ftwrk is very turny & moves well / 3s 2nd foot down turn 2t / flycam has nice extension with layover /combo spin ending in Y / she moves well uses her whole body
plan 20.3 tech 18.48 comp 17.88 tot 36.36

NED Sharon Resseler Start 13 Place 17
Notes dark red / spanish / 3s prob short rot & think 2nd foot down turn 2t / 3l under rot but stood up on it / fly cam got very slow / O ftwrk is fast / 2a under rot landed on wrong foot then fell / sideways layback with interesting arm pos / spirals are ok / combo spin had some nice variations /
plan 17.8 tech 12.47 comp 15.05 tot 26.52

ITA Martina Sasanelli Start 14 Place 14
Notes white with x on back / west side story /2a / flycam great fly & good speed & pos / 3s fell / 2l / layback has good leg back could be lower somehow looks awkward / O ftwrk is pretty good / she's really using her music / bit unsteady on back spiral / combospin had some really nice variations on leg pos & good speed /
plan 20.3 tech 16.01 comp 15.53 tot 30.54 9th

KOR Na-Hee Sin Start 15 Place 12
Notes yellow with turqoise / sing sing sing / 3s fell / 2a landed but not sure if 2 or 1 blocked by post / flycam bit out of control on fly / spirals are ok / 2l / sideways to full layback / diag ftwrk had a bit of slip in middle / combo spin is ok with leg infront / she used the music well - skated to it /
plan 20.3 tech 16.3 comp 15.59 tot 30.89 8th right now

JPN Mao Asada Start 16 Place 1
Notes bright blue / 3z 2l stumbled out of loop / somewhere over the rainbow / 2a is really nice / flycam to inside edge to 2 illusions / O ftwrk goes well with spinning music (wiz of oz) / inside out spiral started seq / completely flat back layback to sideways / 3l right out of ftwrk / combo spin with beillman that looked easy / very nice pgm
plan 25.5 tech 26.74 comp 23.40 tot 49.14 1st right now

GER Katharina Hacker Start 17 Place 15
Notes flowered with black lace over one side of skirt / travel 3s into 3l fell / sorry tech difficulties - missed her combo which was 2t ?messed up though / spirals are ok / 2a is nice / layback changes from strt to sideways / O ftwrk is very fast with lots of turns but all the same way / combo spin is good /
plan 23.3 tech 14.43 comp 15.19 tot 28.62 12th right now

AUS Laura Downing Start 18 Place 19
Notes red almost mandarin style which fits with music / 3t fell got up 2t / 3l stumbled out / flycam good fly centered / spiral almost 180 rest were only soso / 2a fell / sideways layback with foot to head / O ftwrk moved well but all same way / combo spin is fast & centred ending in beillman down on both feet/
plan 19.8 tech 12.17 comp 14.24 tot 24.41

EST Elena Glebova Start 19 Place 8
Notes white strapless / piano very familiar / 2t3t yes that's right / loop didn't get off ice / combo spin was centered until very end / 2a was skiddy / music is moonlight sonata / spirals are ok as is ftwrk / flycam has great fly & nice pos / layback is ok /
plan 23.3 tech 18.10 comp 15.98 tot 34.08 8th place

SWE Josephine Ringdahl Start 20 Place 11
Notes black including tights with silver sequin design / 3t kind of fell out with hand down / 2a / flycam is ok good fly / she's a powerful skater / 2l / combo spin almost lost it on entrance to cam nice beillman on 1st half / diag ftwrk goes well with music /spiral catchfoot with change of hand / layback with nice arm pos but they weren't held long enough
plan 19.8 tech 16.43 comp 15.35 tot 31.78 10th place

THA Amy Arirachakaran Start 21 Place 22
Notes ragtime black with silver vest effect / 2l stumbled out / combo spin has weak pos but she's trying hard / 2f almost but stumbled out 1t / 2a nder rot fell / layback is ok / strt ftwrk wasn't bad at all esp considering her overal skating level / flycam is ok /
plan 17.5 tech 8.75 comp 8.94 tot 16.69

RUS Ekaterina Lovanova Start 22 Place 10
Notes mauve with sheer on top & arms / shindlers list / 2a / 3z went off good edge but fell / 3l hung on right out of ftwrk / combo spin is soso parts quite good parts very weak / inside out spiral- all post were held / layback travel at start pos soso / she's moving quite well withmusic / O ftwrk is a bit slow but very detailed / great fly on fly cam to donut /
plan 25.3 tech 16.53 comp 17.37 tot 32.9 10th place