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Thread: JGP Long Beach - Pairs Free Notes & Results

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    JGP Long Beach - Pairs Free Notes & Results

    Disclaimer: Info below is copyrighted to Golden Skate so please don't copy & paste into other forums, newsgroups, mailing lists, and/or articles.

    Thanks so much!

    USA Galleher / Gaumond Start 1 Place 7
    Notes black with spirally design on top / missed first part of program / pretty good lift nice pos changes / thr 2l / sorry I've been chatting to Charlie White's coach and missed part of their skate / sbs 2f turn 2t are nice & in sync / they've got good speed & flow / upside down platter lift got a bit slow but he's very quiet on the lifts /
    plan 42.3 tech 35.16 comp 26.32 tot 60.48

    RUS Ragozina / Sliusarenko Start 2 Place 6
    Notes blue tops 2001 / 3tw is pretty good / 1a turns 2t / lift went up very fast he's a bit skary on the footwork / thr 3l she hung on / bods was very nice easily into it / lift didn't go up / she's better than him / thr 3s turn out then she fell / music isnow goldfinger / sbs fly cam she lost it part way through and now he fell out of turns and then she fell / sideways star tht came down a bit awkward / pair spin was slow /
    plan 42.55 tech 38.15 comp 25.68 tot 62.83

    USA Katz / Lynch Start 3 Place 5
    Notes dark navy blue velvet / 2tw is pretty good / thr 3s landed on stomach / very nice press lift he moves very well / sbs 3t she 2 / sbs fly cam got out a bit to sit and then way out of sync at exit / nice fids / back press lift straddled take off / spirals / bit of hydro blade into thr 2l / they're losing my attention / sbs 2a he fell out turns 2t / strt ftwrk is fast / toe overhead press lift / pair spin is traditional pos but nicely done with her doing splits at end /
    plan 40.5 tech 37.54 comp 31.15 tot 67.69

    USA Smith / Chitwood Start 4 Place 1
    Notes her in sparkly white him in black vest & pants white shirt / 2tw hands over head / phantom / thr 3s / sbs 2a she cheat he might have turned out / I missed a lift / thr 3t prob 2foot / sbs 2a turns 2t / nice lift & some nice chor / they're skating to the music / nice spirals / nice fids with a bit of a travel entry timed with music / O ftwrk picks up speed with music nicely done / sideways star lift is very good / very nice pair spin / that was a very good program throughly enjoyed it /
    plan 46.4 tech46.15 comp 33.61 tot 79.76

    CAN Dube / Davison Start 5 Place 2
    Notes romeo & julet - same as last year / same costumes off white very nice / 3t2 bit crashy on landing / thr 3s went up crooked but she pulled it out very well / music gets quick & lyrical and so do they / sbs 3s she had it then fell he was clean / step overhead he was quite scratchy / sbs fly cam sit good sync / sbs 2a he fell hard turns 2t / diag ftwrk has lots of one foot / thr 3f leaning badly in air & fell / very nice nested ina to spread eagle / lift with her on her side to arry / very nice fids / pair spin to end is good /
    plan 40.6 tech 39.58 comp 42.06 tot 78.64

    USA Vise / Kole Start 6 Place 4
    Notes burgundy / pepic movie music debate lord of rings or gladiator or what / great throw ? big grin from her /3tw a bit crashy and then somthing else I missed / press lift / sbs 2a both fell turns 2 t / sideways star with very nice takeoff that I can't describe / thr 3l prob hand down but tech people might not have seen it / great O ftwrk fast to dramatic fast music / spirals / lift that he kept her up there with sheer determineeation / bods tthat got very low and wondered if she would be able to ge up but she did /
    plan 45.8 tech 38.06 comp 36.27 tot 72.33

    CAN Cronin / Shales Start 7 Place 3
    Notes 70's wild pattern shirt her in red / sultry bluesy music / 3tw is quite good high / thr 3s? she held it then stepped forward / toe overhead good pos / sbs 2f she step out turns 2t quite far apart / bids with great entrance hard to describe herlaying on her back over his skate / thr 3s step out / toe overhead to star / lift with her laying on her back with nice exit / sbs 2l / sbs sit ch sit very good close & good pos & unison / sbs steps very nice / back spirals into pair spin /
    plan 34.5 tech 40.25 comp 36.36 tot 76.61

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    Again, many thanks for reporting for GS. I enjoy hearing about these events from one of our own, And who else describes EVERYONE she sees? Let's face it, we never hear about any but the top 3 or 4. So thank you for doing this again.

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