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Thread: JGP Long Beach - Pairs Short Notes & Results

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    JGP Long Beach - Pairs Short Notes & Results

    Disclaimer: Info below is copyrighted to Golden Skate so please don't copy & paste into other forums, newsgroups, mailing lists, and/or articles.

    Here's the info - a little late because I couldn't get the pairs posted before the ladies started.

    USA Galleher / Gaumond Start 1 Place 7
    Notes both in black with velvet / start out with nice pair spin to soft piano / twist was a bit loose in air / sbs 2a she under rot he fell / toe lasso with nice changes of leg pos no change of hands / thr 2t / sbs sit ch sit out of sync on back sit / nice O spiral seq had a bit of innovation to it / good bids to end / music is something by Yanni according to the experts behind me
    plan 25 .3 tech 21.57 comp 14.54 total 35.11

    RUS Ragozina / Sliusarenko Start 2 Place 5
    Notes her in hot pink him in black with hot pink trim / nice 2tw high not sure about split / sbs 2a she went up bad 2 hands down think he was clean / thr3t bit low on landing but held it clean / toe lasso lift had nice pos changes to one hand he was a bit scrapy / bids is ok / pair spin in traditional sit then opposing camels / somehow I missed the sbs spins & spirals /
    plan 27.3 tec 26.36 comp 16.19 tot 42.55 1st right now

    CAN Cronin / Shales Start 3 Place 4
    Notes her in orange him in black / music very familiar - tango / great 2tw / sbs 2l / something went wrong on enrance to sbs spins not sure what picked it up though / thr 2t / nice O spiral seq she gets full side split / toe lasso think somthing might have gone wrong on exit she landed on opposite foot / great bids with unique entrance /
    plan 25.5 tech 25.01 comp 17.80 total 32.81

    USA Vise / Kole Start 4 Place 2
    Notes both in black her in halter with sparkly bodice / bids with her changing pos nice pos / sbs 2a were nice / toe lasso never really got up / thr3t with hand down / O spiral seq has some very nice moves / sbs cam sit ch sit got out of sync on last sit / good 2tw / pair cam to upright with some unique pos in between / The Haunted Mansion
    plan 27.3 tech 26.08 comp 17.44 tot 43.52

    USA Katz / Lynch Start 5 Place 6
    Notes lime green with web effect in blank on top black skirt / pants / thr 3t is good / 2 tw is a bit low and not much split / sbs 2a she single / sbs camsit ch sit very close & great sync / they're really moving across the ice / toe lasso covered good ice & went to 1 hand / O spirals are ok good but nothing unique or special / bids is good / pair cam sit to her in cam to opssing cam to crouch kept up the speed quite well / they skated to their music / eclipse - cirque de soleil
    plan 27.3 tech 24.06 comp 15.88 tot 39.94

    CAN Dube / Davison Start 6 Place 1
    Notes her in red him in black / music is something spanish according to their coach / sbs 2a he had it then fell / toe lasso is great good coverage & to no hands star / spirals are ok ending in nested ina / good 2tw catch with her hands over head / thr 3t crooked in air and fell / bit of playing with music / sbs sit ch sit hare close fast and very low great sync / nice spair spin goood pos / time for some chor & interpretation / bids with flip over/
    plan 27.3 tech 26.94 comp 20.74 tot 45.68 1st right now

    USA Smith / Chitwood Start 7 Place 3
    Notes black & white / 2tw is good / 2a very deliberate into them but well done / thr 3t not much height & really bend low into it but it was nice & clean / Paint it black same a fumie / sbs spins sit to upright are nice / missed a coule of thinkgs / toe lasso is good nice coverage good pos / bids with her changing pos / pair sit to her incam to back upright which got a bit slow at end / The only completely clean program of the competition /
    Plan 27.3 tech 27.32 comp 16.1 tot 43.42 3rd right now

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    Thanks for the reports!

    Good Luck to Brittany and Nick and Aaryn and Will in the long program!!! :D

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