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HUN Mandics / Saritz Start 1 Place 11
Notes her in black with white sparkly bra effect & black & white box pleat skirt / foxtrot & charleston / they have decent flow bit far apart in dance holds / music now yes sir that's my baby / 2nd rotational lift was awful looking her upside down / bad slip 3/4 through strt step seq /
plan 14.2 tech 9.70 comp 16.35 tot 49.46

LTU Frey / Stagniunas Start 2 Place 10
Notes bright turqoise angle hem dress him in white pants & suspenders with matching shirt / charleston foxtrot quickstep / strt steps in sync & decent difficulty / mack the knife orchestra version / little slip by her into dance spin spin was nice / rot lift is ok bit of awkward set down / they're not moving very fast across the ice / yes sir that's my baby / they've got the mood of it diag steps bit ragged / this rot lift looked better /
plan 14.7 tech 14.0 comp 16.74 tot 30.74

USA Mallory / Holdburg Start 3 Place 9
Notes gorgeous deep turqoise strapless with elbow gloves & full long skirt that drapes really well even if a bit too long him in tails / tech problem with palm and couldn't take notes of 1st part of dance but it was really nice with a good lift & dance spin / diag ftwrk was good / he fell during strt steps - too bad the dance was going so well /
plan 14.2 tech 12.7 comp 21.64 tot 32.34

RUS Gorshkova / Tkachenko Start 4 Place 3
Notes black velvet with purple chiffon skirt / foxtrot / spin is fast & centered but looks more like a pair spin than dance / rot lift is fast & lots of turns / diag ftwrk moved & in good hold / charleston / strt steps twizzles fast & lots of turns throughout the seq their free foot barely was off the ice / 2nd lift didn't appeal to me at all /
plan 14.7 tech 17.2 comp 26.91 tot 44.11

GER Thieleke / Rabe Start 5 Place 7
Notes light pink with fushia sleeves & around top of halter bodice / foxtrot & quickstep / they have a nice light feel to their skating goes well with music / I liked the diag steps / dance spin a bit weak / rot lift had the her leg around his neck / strt steps to quickstep bit slow as were the twizzles but very good sync /
plan 14.2 tech 13.2 comp 23.09 tot 36.29

USA Matthews / Zavozin Start 6 Place 1
Notes purple with pink fringe angle skirt / charletston / yes sir thats my baby / lots of one foot skating in strt steps he a bit of slip 1/3 through it / foxtrot some female singing reminds me of Julie Andrews / rot lift is good but leg around neck which I don't like at all / diag steps lots of pos changes & moved / they're skating close together with lots of real dancing / lost control on rot lift and she fell and he kind of stepped over her – really awkward looking /
plan 13.7 tech 17.7 comp 31.33 tot 48.03

HUN Nagy / Elek Start 7 Place 6
Notes her in bright neon pink / foxtrot & quickstep / steppin out with my baby / start out with a slip after about 3 steps / nice deep edges down one side of rink into rot lift that looked a bit awkward on exit / strt steps were on slow side but ok / diag steps moved better / dance spin was nice as was final rot lift / her skirt tended to end up across his face during the lifts /
plan 14.2 tech 15.0 comp 21.63 tot 36.63

RUS Gorshkova / Butikov Start 8 Place 5
Notes her in bright coral with white elbow gloves him with coral vest / charleston & quickstep / someting in french - they're moving really well to it / another rot lift with her leg around his neck / strt steps start out really fast & maintain good speed looked like he might have had a bit of a slip in the middle or a balance check / spin was nice with a couple of unique pos / 2nd rot lift started out looking good but last pos had her legs just hanging / diag steps are ok bit ragged in that the pos weren't well defined - they were fast though quickstep didn't have quite the lilt it should have /
plan 13.7 tech 14.9 comp 23.62 tot 38.52

CAN Lamoureux / Mee Start 9 Place 4
Notes her i dusty coral with white at hem & around bodice / foxtrot & quickstep / rot lift was pretty with nice pos / diag steps moved well very dancey maybe a bit simple ? strt steps very good with perfect unison difficult / they're skating very close with lots of changes of holds / maybe I'm predejuiced but I liked that dance it was a dance and not a series of required elements/
plan 14.2 tech 14.1 comp 25.22 tot 39.32

CAN Karam / McGrath Start 10 Place 2
Notes purple with yellow polka dots - Tanith belbin's old dress ?? / foxtrot / nice change of edge lift / liked the 2nd half of diag steps but not fussy on 1st / spin is good bit pairsy for me / charleston / strt steps 1st half all on 1 foot - 2nd half lots of one foot as well perfect sync / rot lift has leg around neck again – it seems to be the thing this year /
plan 13.7 tech 19.0 comp 28.02 tot 47.02

GER Kolbe / Boll Start 11 Place 8
Notes her in dark yellow him in black / foxtrot & quickstep / dance spin is fast her in camel pos / diag steps have lots changes of hold very simple steps / strt steps 1st twizzle was excellent bit out of sync on 2nd kept up speed / liked their rot lift nice entrance and then they ruin it on the 2nd with an (IMO) ugly entrance /
plan 14.2 tech 11.5 comp 22.13 tot 33.63