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Thread: Flutzes and Waxels Podcast

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    Flutzes and Waxels Podcast

    Hi everyone, just wanted to share with those who might have some interest some information about a new figure skating podcast called Flutzes and Waxels.

    We've recorded a few episodes for the new skating season breaking down the Junior Grand Prix competitions, the Challenger Series events, and even had a special episode to review the movie I, Tonya which we saw at TIFF.

    The show is available on iTunes and Soundcloud if you're interested in hearing some long in-depth discussions about figure skating. We have a lot of thoughts, and hope that you enjoy hearing them!


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    Bumping this thread: nice and respectful podcasts, no grating voices, no disrespect.

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    I listened to one of their older episodes recently and enjoyed it so much. Just honest critique, and yes -- no grating voices or excessive giggling! And I love that they are both skaters themselves. Good recommendation.

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    I really enjoy this podcast series - especially because they dedicate so much time to ice dance instead of talking about for 5 minutes and then moving on, like some other analysis does. They explain the technicalities of ice dance so clearly to make it easy for anyone to understand too.

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