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Thread: Should Sarah turn Pro

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    Tara vs Sarah in SOI

    IMHO, I don't see Sarah with SOI. Sure she's an Oly gold medalist - so was Tara, but:

    Tara also had a national and a world title.
    Tara turned pro right after the Oly's and was able to capitolize on her medal.
    On the other hand, Sarah stayed eligible and did not have a stellar season. If a poll of the general population were conducted, there would be a suprisingly large number of respondents who would not realize Sarah had won a gold medal.
    Sarah doesn't seem to have the sex appeal of the current cast of SOI. Just my opinion.

    Whatever Sarah wants to do is fine with's her life. If she does continue skating, she needs to be committed.... very difficult if also attending college (especially an ivy league institution.) She's got an important decision to make.

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    Sarah's Choice

    Sarah isn't a Janet Lynn or a Midori Ito, she's something a little different, and I've come to respect that. She's not a stellar artist or a clear-cut jumping machine. For me, she's a pleasing blend of the two. Having said that, there are qualities to her skating that I believe would and will improve with age and refinement. I know the pro-World is all about refining your skating and perfecting your artistic style, but the made-for-TV competitions and shows leave me cold and I rarely watch them. Amateur competitions bring out the raw emotions and raise the performances levels to heights I've not seen in a pro show or competition. I'd hate to see Sarah leave before she's come full circle. She has Olympic Gold, but is she at the apex of her ability? I would say not. She has it in her to be even more remarkable. I'd personally love to see her stay, clean up her jump technique, and bring back a hint of the passion she showcased at 2001 Worlds and the Olympics. LOL, but, I'll agree, it is her choice and her's alone. This season has been so disappointing for her, but if the past is any sort of gauge I wouldn't be surprised to see her explode back onto the scene in the future.

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    revisionist history

    QUOTE: <I also wouldn't necesarilly call 2002 a great "season" for her. It was a great olympics, but the season in general was definitely flawed.>

    :rolleyes: It seems to me that posters who say this have an agenda for rewriting Sarah's competitive history. Sarah had a great three-or-four year run leading up to the Olympics, including the 01-02 season.
    In 01 she was the Worlds bronze medalist. She silvered at SA and won SC over MK/IS. She and MK may have been screwed over by judges at the GPF, yet she made the podium. Her only weak comp was Nats.
    The media portrayed her SLC victory as "out-of-nowhere." But more avid fans should know she wasn't *that* much of a long shot.
    Her international record was so much stronger than Sasha's, and she *had* previously beaten the others.
    I think she'd do OK in SOI, but have a feeling she's leaning toward college. (I hope she tries a "comeback" to the "els" though.)
    Perhaps all the changes in skating itself (with the Sekret Komputer and stupid CoP) will influence some skaters' decisions to drop el skating.

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    Re: revisionist history

    One thing: Sarah did 1/3 of the stops last year for COI and she was the headliner, im sure that must have caused some problems for Tom Collins since she was supposed to close the shows and it was the OLY tour.

    Michelle was the only eligible senior lady who did the whole tour.

    If Sarah will stick around then she has her work cut out for her. There are many things that she needs to improve but if she decides to compete next season, i hope her heart is in it and she starts to enjoy it again. I havent seen her sincerely smile all season. Smile Sarah.

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    Re: revisionist history

    For me, Sarah didn't have the fire burning inside this year like she has had in the past. Even at National's her programs for me were flat. It seemed almost like she didn't want to be there. Sarah is not a small girl to begin with and the additional weight didn't help her jumps.

    Maybe that is why the other Olympic Champs turn pro. Maybe they just can't get that fire back.

    I would like to see Sarah do some serious training this year, drop a few pounds, find that competative fire again and show everyone the Olympic Gold was not a fluke. After that, she can go to school full time or join SOI. Whatever makes her happy.

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    Sarah's Pre-Olympic Seasons


    I definitely agree about Sarah seasons before the Olympics being quite successful, especially 00-01 and 01-02. She won the bronze at 01 GPF, was 2nd at Nationals with a great skate, and was perfect at Worlds to win the bronze. The 01-02 season was even better for her. She almost beat Michelle at SA, beat her at SC, and then won the long program at TL to claim the silver. LOL, don't even get me started on the 02 GPF! Ridiculous judging! The only point at which I disagree just a bit is 2002 Nationals. Sarah wasn't on fire but it was a very respectable skate with seven triples. And then BAM...SLC! So, Sarah has had a large amount of perfect and near-perfect performances in the past. Her trademark was rock solid consistency for nearly 3 seasons, so I think it's a little early to count her out of the game completely based solely on a poor, post-Olympic showing. LOL, who knows, we could be arguing a moot point! She may have already decided to go pro.

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