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Thread: JGP Long Beach - Men Short Notes & Results

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    JGP Long Beach - Men Short Notes & Results

    Disclaimer: Info below is copyrighted to Golden Skate so please don't copy & paste into other forums, newsgroups, mailing lists, and/or articles.

    Thanks so much!

    Sorry don't have complete results yet & some scores are missing but pairs are on the ice warming up and I don't want to miss any

    CAN Christopher Mabee Start 1 Place 2
    Notes top is blousey sahdes of blue & black with black leather pants / he didn't have a good warm0up at all but he's a competitior / very dramatic heavy music was told what it is but forgot / Romeo & Juliett / 3a is clean with 2t hung on to landing / 3l from travel 3s bit unsure on landing but held it / flycam is very good and into O ftwrk that really moves / nice 2a / sit ch sit has great low pos & nice variations / diag ftwrk uses whole body & is difficult / combo spin after some dramatic moves / bit slower than usual but great pos / I asked Chris after and he did 2foot the 3a
    plan 25.8 tech 28.23 comp 27.67 tot 55.90

    HKG Tatsuya Tanaka Start 2 Place 12
    Notes grey velvet pants - maybe Rachmaninoff / combo was 2s2t behind post not quite sure / 1-1/2a fell / sit ch sit well centered pos ok / O ftwrk is slow & not much to it / fly cam had nice fly & excellent pos bit slow / ftwrk 2l / strt ftwrk has good speed but is simple / the music overpowered him / combo spin is slow except final upright pos /
    plan 20.6 tech 12.80 comp 14.0 tot

    TPE Andy Chen Start 3 Place 0
    Notes black sparkly shirt black pants / sit ch sit is quite good decent pos / 2a landed low but stayed on one foot with determination / 3t2t foot down on 2t / flycam good fly may have been short revs / O ftwrk is a bit weak but there's some effot in doing / 2lstumbled out / strt ftwrk morosov style at start kept up speed & fair difficulty / combo spin cam was weak to sit to very weak back cam & sit that almost came to a halt /
    plan 18.6 tech 15.21 comp 13.92 tot 29.13

    SWE Adrian Schultheiss Start 4 Place 7
    Notes tocatta & fuge / black with white sleeve / 3z hand down 3t just hung on to toe / 2a is nice / flycam great fly nice speed & pos with good extension / he's moving really well turns into 3l off in air & fell / strt ftwrk is very yagudin / almost lost cam on combo spin but got it back ending in nice headless / S ftwrk has some nice one foot work & he's using his body quite nice / cantilever than he almost fell out of / sit ch sit started out good but was a bit weak at end / there was some really nice stuff in the program that made it quite enjoyable to watch /
    plan 32.5 tech 23.96 comp 25.74 tot 49.70

    AUS Andrew Bassi Start 5 Place 0
    Notes black with gold broacide 'bib' / 2-1/2 z stumbled out 2l stumbled out / flycam has good fly & speed could use more extension / ftwrk 2l under rot fell out / combo spin is ok ending in nice catch foot / s ftwrk is a bit simple but has good speed / 2a very under rot but stood up more like 1-1/2 / O ftwrk didn't really see it / sit ch sit right in front of me was very nice /
    plan 25.8 tech 13.18 comp 16.51 tot 28.69

    GER Norman Keck Start 6 Place 9
    Notes black with thin green sequin band around chest / spread eagle into 3l put free foot down a bit quickbut think ok for clean / 3s2t fell on toe / fly cam got very slow but a couple of nice variations in leg bend / strt ftwrk also got painfully slow / sitchsit is pretty good with low pos / not much conneection to music / 2a is clean / O ftwrk was better - more to it /combo spin was fairly good /
    plan 24.1 tech 20.25 comp 19.29 tot 38.54

    JPN Nobunari Oda Start 7 Place 6
    Notes this is going to be fun / mario brothers music with black pants & fluorscent appliques all over / 3a2t both clean & quite nice / travel 3s into 3l bit low on landing but kept from putting hand on ice / flycam is very good with nice layover / O ftwrk flows & plays well with music / some fun chor now and sit ch sit that matches music with nice slow pos / some more chor & a 2a out of nowhere that he kind landed at a halt & put down free foot / diag ftwrk is good and final combo spin also is good ending in illusion / great fun program & crowd just loved it as did I /
    plan 27.1 tech 21.56 comp 28.51 tot 50.07

    CAN Kevin Reynolds Start 8 Place 4
    Notes puple top with gold trim black pants reminds me of a band leader / 3z3t flutz but not as bad as it used to be / 3l / don't know what music is now has a driving beat / O fttwrk has very good speed / he's gained power over last year / combo spin is difficult & complex but people next to me didn't like the pos / 2a landed at halt & free foot down / flycam is ok / strt steps are complex & move well / sit ch sit is fast & centered but pos could be lower /
    plan 28.3 tech 28.58 comp 24.84 tot 53.42

    JPN Naoto Saito Start 9 Place 8
    Notes black jactet & pants with gold braid & white shirt / 3a fell / once upon a time in mexico is music / ftwrk 3l / combo spin front good hop on back cam & bit weak on back pos / S ftwrk is really moving but not much to it / great fly on flycam but lazy freeleg / 2a is very nice / sit ch sit has nice low pos / strt ftwrk is quite good /
    plan 29.8 tech 23.35 comp 24.17 tot 46.52

    USA Dennis Phan Start 10 Place 1
    Notes navy velvet & blue with gold / the crowd goes crazy when he's announced & load of happy birthdays while waiting for the previous skater's marks / dead silence as he starts to very dramatic music / 3z3t is just great / 2a skidded out and just hung on / then had a problem on the spin didn't see start to know which spin it was / travelling 3s into 3l / sit ch sit is great with speed low pos & centered / O ftwrk has lots on one foot very musical to drum beats / spin with problem was fly cam had trouble landing it / final combo spin is great /
    plan 28.3 tech 30.78 comp 29.89 tot 60.67

    USA Charlie White Start 10 Place 5
    Notes pablos fantasy spanish guitar / ftwrk 3l 3turns out stayed on one foot / 3z bit tight on landing but clean 2t / some chor shows off the dancer in him / sit ch sit is good with low pos / music speed up and so does the crowd and he's into his strt steps that are just great with the crowd cheering / 2a fell out / flycam is a bit slow but has great pos / and now the O ftwrk of a dancer including the twizzles / combo spin is fast with good pos & centered .Charlie is also an ice dancer 2nd in Jr in USA last yearand I am sitting right in front of his parents who I recognized from world Juniors in Ostrava.
    plan 28.3 tech 24.83 comp 26.88 tot 51.71

    USA Princeton Kwong Start 12 Place 3
    Notes black suit effect with blue bow tie / 3zis really high with nice air pos 2t / 3l / flycam is very good / 2a / now he can have some fun / sit ch sit is fast centered with good pos / strt ftwrk is very with music & good step / he's having fun with the music & O ftwrk also goes well with lots of turns both ways / combo spin is very good fast / music was flight of the bumble bee & chopsticks
    plan 25.6 tech 26.76 comp 27.08 tot 53.84

    THA Phanyaluck Raisuksiri Start 13 Place 13
    Notes singing in the rain / he's going to have a tough time floowing the guys in front but he's working at it hand skating to the music / 1a / 2s2t stumbled out / ftwrk 2l just hung on to it / sit ch sit front was very nice back ok / O ftwrk is a bit simple but flows very well with music - he's paying attention to the music / combo spin camsit on front is good back is weak / diag ftwrk has the right kind of feel & steps / good effort marks will be very low but it was an enjoyable program to watch /
    plan 17.4

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    Rosaleen, ditto on the many thanks.

    Go Dennis, Princeton and Charlie!

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