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Thread: Kitty Kelley, Do Any Of You Read Her Stuff?

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    I haven't read any of the posts in this thread, but I have a good answer for myself. I saw Ms. Kelly admit in many interviews that much of her "information" on the Bushes is second and third-hand information that can not be collaborated (or proved). This information alone is enough for me to know that her book would not be worth my time.

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    Personally, I wouldn't mind reading Kitty Kelly's book on Bush. I think she can dig up lots of dirt between President Bush and his father--there's plenty of dirt there on both of them. I think President GW Bush is just like his daddy.

    Personally, I hope that one day there will be a candidate who is pro-life across the board--anti-abortion, anti-capital punishment, and anti-war. If you're going to be pro-life, be so across the board. As someone else said, how many pregnant women and their unborn children died as a result of our bombing of Iraq. Unfortunately, our bombs don't have the ability to avoid pregnant women and children (both unborn and born). As has already been stated, DNA testing is showing more and more people in prison (and on death row) to be innocent. If the death penalty had been carried out, innocent people would have died for something they didn't do. The fact is that it is not at all uncommon for law enforcement to have a one-track mind as to who they think committed the crime and then not looking at other possibilities. Also, race and social factors can play an important part in who is given the death penalty.

    I don't fit into either political party. I am pro-life across the board, and both parties only accept part of that. The Republicans are anti-abortion, but tend to be strongly pro capital punishment and pro war. The Democrats tend to do the opposite. We all pretty much know what the Republican stand is on the environment and social programs for the less fortunate. Too often, they seem much more concerned with helping the wealthy than they do the middle and lower class people. The wealthy are getting way more out of the tax breaks than the middle and lower class people. It will be the middle and lower class who will be paying for this war and paying off the debt that has gotten out of control since the wealthy got their tax breaks.

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    I have now seen one interview with Ms. Kelley on CNN or MSNBC and the other C-Span where the audience was there to ask questions. At first I didn't think the book was any better than a tabloid magazine but after watching her and the information that she presents, I wouldn't mind reading the book.

    This is the first presidential election that has me terrified. I have watched both the democrat and the republican conventions. I want to vote the best choice even if it means going against my party. The place where I work is strong republican and won't even bother to listen to the other side. I don't understand that.


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