Can't believe that I have now seen 2 movies this year. After 15 years of none. It was quite good but I sure wish they would have found a few more singers to to them justice. Krahl and Cole are good but whoever that was that sang Begin the Beguine was the wrong one for that song. And my favorite is still Night and Day. Beguine is probably 2nd. Maybe I'm wrong but I thought they did it too slow. It's too bad they couldn't think of more story instead of dwelling on the gay part. Read a few of the bio's on the net last night and he not only was an only child, but had none of his own. Of course, I went through quite a few facial tissues. I cry a lot at movies. Most of all, I just enjoyed the music, and as I said, wish they had better vocalists. Had no idea he wrote Send In The Clowns.