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Thread: Dick Button

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJStuCrew
    Well, your gripes with Roz and Susie have to do with high, often female voices, a well known phenomenon among broadcasters.
    Funny, but that's one of my complaints about listening to Scott Hamilton. :D

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    I have said it before and will say it again. Out of all the commentators Brian Boitano is my favorite. He gives a good analysis and is the most professional.

    The question will is if Sandra Bezic isn't commentating in during the 06 Olympics. Who will take her place?

    I personally hope it isn't Roz. I liked her skating but her commentating is pretty bad. She is unprofessional

    The question is Could it be Sarah? She is inexperienced. However she did have a contract with GE/NBC at one time. Plus it would be interesting to hear her analysis on her competitors.

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    Terry Gannon knows as much about skating as Peggy or Peter!!???!

    WHO are you KIDDING? He may have learned a lot over the years, but there is no way that his knowledge in any way compares to that of people who have had years of experience successfully competing in the sport.

    Gannon is at his most annoying when he interrupts the performance of a skater commenting on something in the skater's personal life or trivia about the skater. If we must be subjected to this kind of babble, please do it BEFORE or AFTER the skate.

    I just wish he would be quiet and leave commentary to Dick, Peggy or Peter. He is a MINUS.

    As for Roz Sumners, the worst thing about her isn't her voice, it's her catty, malicious comments about skaters she doesn't like. She is one of the most unobjective and infuriating commentators I have ever seen. In a recent interview, she blamed the decline of professional skating on Tara Lipinski and Sarah Hughes; on Tara for quitting SOI and trying to make it as an actress, and Sarah for having the gall to go to college instead of skating with SOI.

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