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Thread: National Federations for Sale?

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    National Federations for Sale?

    Did you guys see this article (from Golden Skate's main page)? It says that the Danish Skating Federation is thinking about jumping ship and joining the WSF.

    Here is a quote:

    "Of late, damning charges have been directed at ISU, figure skating's foremost association since 1892. Accusations of corruption, embezzlement, and bribery have emerged, with little chance of reconciliation in sight. A statement by newly- appointed WSF chairman Ron Pfenning was proof positive of the deep rift in the skating world.

    "‘I'm here to tell you that the emperor - ISU - has no clothes. The ISU has no ethical standards, no respect for its rules and regulations, and no respect for the athletes who put their talents on the line. They have no respect for the art of skating,’ an angry Pfenning charged."

    But the most telling comment is:

    "Denmark's decision is also a monetary issue. Nearly half of DSU's total budget is composed of the DKK 600,000-700,000 that the union receives in annual support from the ISU. The new federation will have to produce a solid financial offer to lure Denmark to its camp.

    "‘This is also, clearly, a question of money. We are extremely dependent on support from ISU, and can't survive without it. But the new federation has garnered the support of the richest skating nations,’ Vasbo told Ritzau."

    Money talks.


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    Re: National Federations for Sale?

    Wow, Denmark. This is really going to shake things up in the ISU.:rollin:


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    What a shocker

    oh my god, I can't believe Denmark is thinking of leaving the ISU, considering they have gold medal contenders in every discipline.

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    Re: What a shocker

    Do they really? I thought Mikkeline Kierkgaard was their only star, and she left to skate pairs for germany. (?)


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    Re: What a shocker

    So what if Denmark aren't the top nation in the world for producing skaters. I'd have thought you'd all be pleased that national federations are supporting the WSF, not criticising them because they haven't got Olympic champions. One joins, others may feel they can follow suit. They've just got the ball rolling. They should be applauded for that but all I've seen on the boards is criticism and laughter because they're not Russia or the US.

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    Re: What a shocker

    It's a European country fed up with ISU. That's what matters.
    Once a judge is caught cheating, embezzling, etc. he goes out of the system never to return. That is primary with the WSU - not so with the ISU.

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    Re: What a shocker

    Icenut, I'm sorry if my question to Excidra seemed like I was putting down Denmark's program. Not at all.

    But the point that I was most interested in is the money angle. As much as the Danish federation (and presumably many more) rail about corruption, they still get their financial support from the ISU. To me, this article says to the WSF -- make us a better offer.

    I agree. The bottom line is the bottom line. I think that the WSF will succeed or fail depending on whether they can get big bucks from television contracts and big time advertisers. If so, then they can win the battle the same way the U.S. won the cold war -- spend the opposition into oblivion.


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