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Thread: JGP Long Beach - Ladies Free Notes & Results

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    JGP Long Beach - Ladies Free Notes & Results

    Disclaimer: Info below is copyrighted to Golden Skate so please don't copy & paste into other forums, newsgroups, mailing lists, and/or articles.

    Thanks so much!

    Sorry I don't have the placements filled in but Mao won, then Kimmie, then Danielle - the numbers are there so you can fill them in for yourself

    ISR Rachel Kapelner Start 1 Place 0
    Notes black on one side red on other deep v of illusion front & back / 2a turns out hand down but one of the better ones from her if warm up is anything to go by / 2l / 2f / fly cam travel a bit - had some nice pos variations & good speed / 2s / haven't quite figured out what the music is & what relationship to it her costume has / spiral seq is ok / 1a / she moves across the ice with pretty good speed / combo spin tried a coule of neat variations on camel pos but almost fell out of it / she seems pretty disappointed with her skate /
    plan 39.1 tech 17.65 comp 20.88 tot 38.5 overall 61.26

    BEL Kirsten Verbist Start 2 Place 0
    Notes black with open back red sequins / spanish / 2a step out / 2f2t / think it's part of Carmen / combo spin is fast & centered / 3s2t clean - don't think she landed one clean one in warmup / 2z / 3l was 2-1/2 stumbled then fell / she has nice prescence on the ice for her level and is paying attention to her music most of the time / ends with a fly cam that could use more extension & finished after her music /
    plan 41.2 tech 26.85 comp 26.23 tot 51.08 overall 75.68

    THA Amy Arirachakaran Start 3 Place 0
    Notes purple strpless velvet asym hem / 1-1/2 flutz stumbled out very slow into it / 1l / 2f fell / spirals were ok / flycam was wobbly / 1a both hands down / layback travelled but pos were ok - one of her better elements / she's not giving up and does a clean 1a / and what start out to be a pretty good combo spin then fell out of it at the end and went into a closing pose on her knees to make the best of it
    plan 23.3 tech 10.93 comp 15.82 tot 24.75 overall 41.44

    MEX Maria Fernanda Diaz Valle Start 4 Place 0
    Notes bright fushia with one sleeve / combo spin is fast & centered / lights on broadway / 2a fell / O ftwrk is ok but small pattern / layback travelled a lot / 2z / 2l / split jump 2f stumbled out a bit / flycam to catch foot / 2f 2t fell on t / 3 s was 2-1/2landed on both feet / 2z / there were times when she attempted to use her music but most of the time it was background/
    plan 25.4 tech 19.2 comp 22.27 tot 39.47 overall 60.12

    AUS Laura Downing Start 5 Place 0
    Notes black bathing suit with bit of diag pattern / 3t / half loops into 3s fell / 2f2t / nice beillman that went up easy / 2l / masquarade waltz in part is the music / missed somting into flycam with nice pos / big O ftwrk with some nice moves / 2f / 2z fell / she's very quiet skater not a sound / combo spin is very well done /
    plan 33.1 tech 20.05 comp 28.95 tot 47.0 overall 71.41

    GER Katharina Hacker Start 6 Place 0
    Notes royal blue with keyhole back & chocker effect / 2a / 3t2t / travel 3s into 1l / sitspin / 3t landed forward on 2 feet / she's got some very nice chor and moves well to the music but I have no idea what it is / she's almost acting something out / 3s2t / 3s messy landing / combo spin is very well done /
    plan 46.7 tech 25.48 comp 34.44 tot 59.92 overall 88.54

    MON Aurore Premont Start 7 Place 0
    Notes dark purple with sheer sleeves lace effect on back / 2a step out / loop landed on 2 feet / 2f good height / flycam is well done / loop think a 2 / popped axel / 2f / missed a jump / layback is very fast & centered / O ftwrk has a bit of smal pattern butis fairly complex & fast / combo spin to end /
    plan 40.7 tech 18.08 comp 28.41 tot 46.49 overal 73.54

    NED Sharon Resseler Start 8 Place 0
    Notes black with a sparkles on top / violin fantasy turandot / 3s fell / missed part of program due to people getting through / flycam had some roblems but she managed to hang on / 2a fell / 3t2t stumbled out of 2 / 1f1t / nice ina / spirals ending in charlotte / 1a turns 2t / combo spin to end is ok /
    plan 42.0 tech 17.75 comp 28.86 tot 44.61 overall 71.13

    FIN Henna Hietala Start 9 Place 0
    Notes black with bit of orange chiffon in skirt at hip / malaguena / 2z low landing almost had it then turned out / popped flip / nice butterfly into back sit / 2a2t is good / 3t lean in air & fell / 2s / layback has good speed centered pos are weak / 2t / strt ftwrk had nice bit of toe steps & a twizzle / inside out spiral with good edges on both / 2a under rot fell / combo spin had a fe wobbles was much better in warmup
    plan 42.1 tech 20.25 comp 30.95 tot 49.20 overall 79.96

    ITA Martina Sasanelli Start 10 Place 0
    Notes pretty blue / rachmaninoff of some sort / nice 3s / 2l bit skiddy on landing but clean / 2a step out / spiral seq with leg to side was very nice / 2f / combo spin / ina on beat of music / 2z? or f / nice upright spin with unique leg pos / layback is soso/ strt ftwrk is a bit slow but fairly intricate /
    plan 31.9 tech 24.02 comp 32.25 tot 56.27 overall 86.81

    JPN Rumi Suizu Start 11 Place 0
    Notes purple shading to white skirt beaded design on bodice / 3t2t2t / 2z / music is the homecoming / 3l under rot / umbrellas of cherbourg / 3t2t / flatback layback / spirals with good extension kept moving with fe crossovers / combo spin ending in fast scratch / 2a2t / 3s turnout / music has changed to something else very familiar but don't know what / 3t / think I got a jump wrong - too many 3t / very nice fly cam to end /
    plan 46.2 tech 32.77 comp 35.95 tot 68.72 overall 102.99

    KOR Na-Hee Sin Start 12 Place 0
    Notes bright mauve with silver sequin pattern / high 2a fell / 3s think she fell disapeared for too long / 3t / very pretty layback with arm variations & sideways to straight / 2f loop loop / inside out spiral with good edges on both / 2l / combo spin with awkward leg in front / 2z / Don quiote / music is overpowering her a bit - her ftwrk isn't quite keepign up / nice fly cam to 4 illusions to end /
    plan 37.0 tech 18.57 comp 32.02 tot 47.59 overall 78.48

    CAN Monica Boucher Start 13 Place 0
    Notes turqoise with navy overlay halter - really prety / 3t landed forward & fell / west side story / 3z fell think close to fully rot / ? spin seemed to have a bit of trouble / nice strt ftwrk / 3s had it then slid off edge & fell / 3t fell / some time for chor & then layback with pos variation / 3l fell / nice spiral seq / there's almost no connection to music / 2f / 2a turns 2a / combo spin to end is good /
    plan 42.8 tech 23.51 comp 31.47 tot 49.98 overall 83.62

    RUS Ekaterina Lovanova Start 14 Place 0
    Notes turqoise with silver / 3z fell not sure if rot / 1f / 3l under rot fell / she's just gone from end to end of the rink with nothing in between / ? spin just saw end / 3f under rot? but stood up 2t / spirals into 2a / ? jump fell hard on stomach / flycam is pretty / nice fast strt ftwrk / 3t2t maybe 2ft on 3t / combo spin is pretty good / plan 48.1 tech 19.03 comp 32.29 tot 48.32 overall 81.22

    SWE Josephine Ringdahl Start 15 Place 0
    Notes black with peach & light green iag design / 2z2l / 3t2t / sal didn't get off ice / carmen / 2f from diag ftwrk / she's playing to the music fairly well / 2l / axel did get off ice / nice layback to beillman with arm variations / change of edge spiral in catch foot pos / 3t bit messy on landing / flycam / good O ftwrk kept up with fast music / combo spin /
    plan 38.9 tech 23.02 comp 33.86 tot 56.88 overall 88.66

    EST Elena Glebova Start 16 Place 0
    Notes elegant black with open back bit of red on skirt at hip & at cuffs / 2a 1/2l 3s fell on sal / ? didn't get off ice / 3t / combo spin with beillman on back end / spirals are weak / 2z bad wrap / 2a no wrap / layback is soso / O ftwrk had a weird pattern in and out of circle / ? spin ending in fast low sit /
    plan 37.5 tech 27.49 comp 32.40 tot 58.89 overall 92.97

    USA Cara Kinney Start 17 Place 0
    Notes neon purple with dark pink / combo spin travel / 2a2t2l reverse jumper / 3s turnout 2t / 2l / layback with nice arm variation / ina 2f / 3s fell / there hasn't been much chor at all - element to element skating / now the program gets some life for the strt steps and the crowd is clapping / 2z off nice edge with pop / axel didn't get off ice / fly spin that ended kind of funny - just sort died out /
    plan 36.2 tech 27.13 comp 33.48 tot 59.61 overall 95.97

    SWE Matilda Rang Start 18 Place 0
    Notes strapless purple & fushia / 3s2t she just flew into it / 3t with 3turns out / 2z2t / flycam nice speed & pos / music softens to light piano layback / whalley into axel that didn't get off ice / 2l / after some chor & spirals / missed a jump / 3s / O ftwrk moves well with music & fairly complex with nice split jump / combo spin is a bit weak /
    plan 37.2 tech 30.87 comp 35.37 tot 66.24 overall 102.88

    JPN Mao Asada Start 19 Place 0
    Notes 3a under rot some say 1/2 some say 1/4 / ? spin / 3z bit of flutz / strt ftwrk ending in twizzles right into 2a out of nowhere / music slows into inside out spiral bit wek on outside edge / 3s went up crooked & fell / flat back layback to sideways without coming up beautiful / 3z / 3f 2t 3l bit unsteady on loop landing / combo spin is fast & good pos / 3l2l /
    plan 59.5 tech 45.07 comp 43.81 tot 87.88 overall 138.02

    CAN Amelie Lacoste Start 20 Place 0
    Notes dark pink shading to light at skirt chocker effect / rachmaninoff of some sort / 3s2t / 3z true edge but leaning going up and fell / 3l bit low on landing / 2a / front end of combo spin fast with good pos back a bit weaker / 3f fell prob under rot / inside out spiral bit wobbly on change / 3t very low landing but determined not to put hands or free leg down / missed a spin / diag ftwrk 1st part on one foot / 3l badly underrot with hard fall on side / final spin ended 1second over time
    plan 50.3 tech 31.50 comp 37.01 tot 64.51 overall 105.83

    USA Danielle Kahle Start 21 Place 0
    Notes dark fushia & orange / circus type music / 3t / 3z3l loop under rot? hopped out a bit / combo spin is fast centered good pos / strt ftwrk really plays to ragtime music but too many stops for my liking / 3s leaning landed on both feet / 2a / O spiral seq is nice she takes her time with the pos / 3f hop turn 3t / layback with very good back & leg variations / 3l bit unsteady on landing but think clean / 3f fell out / split jump into flysing sit / clock is showing 3:42 - she finished just a tiny bit after her music /
    plan 52.1 tech 41.1 comp 39.2 tot 78.3 overall 117.85

    USA Kimmie Meissner Start 22 Place 0
    Notes light blue with pink trim / 3f / 3z hop turn 3t / 2a tight landing but stayed on one foot / strt leg layback with almost flat back / she's paying attention to her music / popped loop / 3s / nice combo spin with pos held long enough to really see them / 3z so nice to see a US lady do a true lutz off deep edge / O ftwrk has a fe too many stops for me but good / 3f2t poss cheat on f / fly spin into illusions /
    music is Daphnes & Chloe
    plan 50.8 tech 41.98 comp 45.42 tot 87.4 overall 133.73

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    Thanks for the news, Rosaleen. And thanks, Paula, for setting up these reports.

    It's always tricky predicting the future, but the top three certainly seem like the ones to watch. With a difference of only 0.48 total points in the LP between Mao Asada and Kim Meisner, it must have been a great competition.

    I assume that Mao only got credit for a double Axel for her underrotated triple attempt, but she won the tech portion anyway.

    One thing I do like about the CoP is the "start value." Very interesting to be able to compare what they intended to accomplish with their actual performances.


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    I've just seen a clip of the triple axel and it looked like 1/4 to me. But she only got credit for a double. The angle of the clip was great as Mao was jumping right towards the shot. Also the flip combo - seen in a clip - was with a 2 loop in the middle ending with a triple toe just eeked out. From the results at ISU it looks like she only got credit for a double toe. That said, this was an amazing debut from her. Good for Mao for living up to the hype. I love her skating!!

    So what IS the rule for underrotation? I thought I read somewhere that if it was a 1/4 under CoP then you got full credit, but any more and it was downgraded to a badly executed double. Does anyone know for sure?

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    I think that is the rule, more than 1/4 underrotation gets downgraded. But the tech specialist still has to make a judgement between an underrotation of 24% (a triple) and an underrotation of 26% (a double).


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    Quote Originally Posted by floskate
    So what IS the rule for underrotation? I thought I read somewhere that if it was a 1/4 under CoP then you got full credit, but any more and it was downgraded to a badly executed double. Does anyone know for sure?
    This will be the great debate in the months to come. Think Serena Williams. The call is in the eye of the beholder. In figure skating it's the Caller.


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