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Thread: JGP Long Beach - Free Dance Notes & Results

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    JGP Long Beach - Free Dance Notes & Results

    Disclaimer: Info below is copyrighted to Golden Skate so please don't copy & paste into other forums, newsgroups, mailing lists, and/or articles.

    Thanks so much!

    Hopefully placements are on results site - don't have time to fill them in or I'll miss the warm-up for the last flight of men

    USA Mallory / Holdburg Start 1 Place 0
    Notes missed most of their dance finishing off & posting ladies / royal porple him with black bodice /
    plan 16.2 tech 18.1 comp 35.24 tot 53.34 overal 111.65

    LTU Frey / Stagniunas Start 2 Place 0
    Notes Carmen her in black lace top on 1 side and red on other skirt is opposite / starts out slow & dramatic with drum beats / nice low lift going backwards / very familair theme part of music / 2 sets of twizzles she fell out of 2nd / complex change of edge lift with her upside down / dance combo spin pretty good but I think changed center / S ftwrk that they seem to have to work at and a bit slow / an ugly upside down leg around neck lift / march of troubador and diag ftwrk / generally a bit ragged throughout /
    plan 16.5 tech 16.0 comp27.76 tot 43.76 overall

    HUN Mandics / Saritz Start 3 Place 0
    Notes usic Notre dame de paris / mauve & black with bit of gold sequin / right away you can see they have more speed than last ones / lots of movement in dance holds into him in catileve3r and her going between his legs / difficult lift that we see from back /lift him going to one foot bit awkward / music gets heavy but they're not really moving to it - into diag ftwrk thats kind of slow & twizzles looked a bit off /
    plan 15.0 tech 14.2 comp 26.01 tot 40.21 overall 89.67

    RUS Gorshkova / Butikov Start 4 Place 0
    Notes black with neon peach / refugee & asylum are some of the lyrics - no idea what it is but another team in the next group is also skating to it / anyway on to the actual dancing -- they're moving well with close holds most of the time lifts were nice to look at (because I liked them, they're probably not difficult enough) I liked the dance sorry I don't have more to say /
    plan 17.7 tech 18.8 comp 36.79 tot 55.59 overall 123.07

    GER Kolbe / Boll Start 5 Place 0
    Notes dark music / to the sun / & ? / 'old fashioned costumes in that her skirt is short & no flowey bits on either of them / all in black with red panel on front / both wearing black gloves / effective use of shapes using hands/ nice lift with her leg over his shoulder changes level another lift with him in camel & her laying on his back / techno type music in parts / I really liked this -- its a bit ragged in parts and they lost someenergy part way through but I'm looking forward to seeing it (hopefully) at Jr Worlds after it's had some more milage
    plan 17.2 tech 18.8 comp 35.02 tot 53.82 overall 113.96

    GER Thieleke / Rabe Start 6 Place 0
    Notes Four seasons - vivaldi / teal shades him in black pants / they're movement is very flowey & turney & is right with the music / complex lift that actually didn't look bad / he split his pants down the outside of his leg during the lift and it goes half way down his thigh / he is just amazing being able to continue and skate as well as he is -- / he knew it all along but she didn't realize it until the program was over /
    plan 16.5 tech 19.1 comp 36.63 tot 55.73 overall 121.94

    HUN Nagy / Elek Start 7 Place 0
    Notes carmina burana / her in mainly pink with purple him in reverse / move with hin in shoot duck & her laying over him / nice change of level lift into rotational / O ftwrk is moving fast and lots of changes of hold / diag ftwrk she does most of work in 11sthalf but share in 2nd / pair spin is fast with nice pos / twizzles matched well / rot lift with leg around neck to end / a number of moves pulled directly from A&P version /
    plan 17.2 tech 19.3 comp 35.19 tot 54.49 overall 118.85

    CAN Lamoureux / Mee Start 8 Place 0
    Notes les miserable / him in grey pants & vest her in red / nice low move with her draped over him / some emoting to start of Idreamed a dream / 2sets of twizzles 1st very good 2nd he came out 1 early / another low lift is nice and then a dance spin / rot lift with no change of pos but very nice /diag ftwrk think something went a bit wrong in middle / thre seemed to be some little misses in the 2nd half more by him seeming to be a bit unsteady -- nervous?? they ended with a lift with him 1st on one leg theninto a rot lift /
    plan 17.2 tech 16.9 comp 38.47 tot 55.37 overall 127.24

    CAN Karam / McGrath Start 9 Place 0
    Notes Once upon a time in mexico / black & red lace -- just gorgeous dress / nice spin with him in sit her in catch foot / music livens and their movement matches / little slip by her / fast multi rot lift then in other direction / S ftwrk has good difficulty by both lots of one-foot work / mood changes & softens/ twizzle set seemed a tiny bit off on both / change of edge lift is very good and then another with him in shoot duck / diag ftwrk has lots of one foot work /
    plan 15.5 tech 23.9 comp 44.83 tot 68.73 overall 148.01

    RUS Gorshkova / Tkachenko Start 10 Place 0
    Notes her in gold yellow with bands f colour him in matching grey / best set of twizzles so far by far fast & in sync / no idea what music is / O ftwrk is fast & in good holds / nested catilever / music is kind of technoy hard driving beat / rot lift with herswinging leg that I think looked much tougher than it was / music is kill bill??? / spin that had some nice shapes & changes / diag ftwrk is really fast & fairly complex / ugly leg around neck lift to end /
    plan 17.2 tech 20.8 comp 41.70 tot 62.50 overall 138.6

    USA Matthews / Zavozin Start 11 Place 0
    Notes black & turqoise - Lord of the Dance / starts out dark & heavy / dance spin makes really great shapes / change of edge rot lift where both change pos is very good / S ftwrk is dragging a bit really slow at end / lift with his hands free / music is soft &light & both sets of twizzles go out of sink / into the familiar strains of lord of the dance and the crowd is clapping diag ftwrk is complex but too much on 2 feet & kind of slow / great fast rot lift to end /
    plan 17.5 tech 24.6 comp 48.68 tot 73.28 overall 158.46

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    Thanks for the reports!

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