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Thread: A Legend has died

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    A Legend has died

    I didn't see this posted anywhere yet.

    Fred Ebb, lyricist for musicals like Cabaret and Chicago has died at age 71 on September 11, 2004.

    Ebb was of course the lyricist half of the multiple Tony-award winning pair with songwriter John Kander responsible for many of Broadway and film's greatest musical hits. The pair was nominated together for a total of twelve Tony awards, racking up four wins for Cabaret, Woman of the Year, and Kiss of the Spider Woman.

    Liza Minelli was on the Tony Danza show this morning and sang the Kander and Ebb song "New York, New York" and was nearly in tears and got a standing ovation.

    I want to say that the first time I experienced his and Kander's music was watching the movie "Cabaret" directed by the legendary Bob Fosse, and it really did change my life. It really showed how art can affect people, and he will be missed.

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    That is sad to hear. I respect talented lyricists immensely. I know it is difficult to write music, but to create words that flow along with the music and also reverberate in the heart and mind is as equally as daunting (if not more so).

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